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India’s Grand Gesture: Konark Wheel Of Odisha Takes Center Stage At The G20


As world leaders and important guests gathered at the Bharat Mandapam International Exhibition and Convention Centre in New Delhi for the G20 Leaders’ Summit, they were welcomed by impressive replicas of the famous wheel and dancing women sculptures from the Konark Sun Temple in Odisha. Prime Minister Narendra Modi personally greeted the arriving leaders, setting the stage for a significant global event.


Source: Hindustan Times

Modi exchanged handshakes with World Bank chief Ajay Banga, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, and various other delegates as they arrived in the Indian capital for a two-day deliberation on challenging global matters.

The Konark Wheel, a remarkable creation dating back to the 13th century during the reign of King Narasimhadeva-I, stands as a potent emblem of democracy. With its distinctive 24 spokes, this wheel has not only found its place on India’s national flag but also encapsulates profound notions of ancient wisdom, advanced civilization, and architectural brilliance. 


Source: NDTV

The perpetual rotation of this wheel serves as a profound representation of the passage of time, known as the Kalachakra, signifying progress and the ever-evolving nature of the universe. As a symbol of the democratic wheel, it serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of democratic ideals and unwavering commitment to societal progress. In its essence, the Konark Wheel embodies the resilience of democratic principles and the unwavering pursuit of societal advancement.

Within the venue, India eloquently showcases various facets of its rich cultural heritage. Among these tributes is the captivating Surya Shakti, a homage to the power of the sun. This multi-layered masterpiece features a central disc that vividly portrays the sun, its radiant rays extending gracefully across the expansive 52-meter-long wall. Emerging from this celestial backdrop, seven horses gracefully come to life, symbolizing the life forces that sustain and harness the energy of the sun.


Source: NewsTrack English 1

Adjacent to Hall No. 14, where delegates arrive, India is steadfastly reaffirming its status as the cradle of democracy on a global scale. The vehicle for this assertion is an engaging interactive exhibition thoughtfully presented across 26 LED panels. Under the banner of ‘Bharat: Mother of Democracy,’ the government is hosting a distinctive exhibition that casts a spotlight on India’s rich democratic heritage. This captivating showcase is set to welcome the heads of state and other distinguished invitees converging for the G20 summit, marking a profound testament to India’s commitment to democratic ideals and values.




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