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Tamil Actor Vishal Accuses CBFC Mumbai Of ‘Mark Antony’ Bribery

Justice Manmeet Pritam Singh Arora. 15

Tamil actor Vishal has made a shocking revelation, accusing officials from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) in Mumbai of demanding a hefty bribe of Rs 6.5 lakh in exchange for the censor certification of the Hindi version of his film, ‘Mark Antony.’ The actor took to social media to shed light on this alleged corruption, emphasizing that he had never encountered such a situation in his career.

Tamil actor Vishal accuses Mumbai censor board office of corruption, shares  video on social media | Entertainment News –

Source: India TV

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On a Thursday, Vishal posted a video on X, where he voiced his grave concerns regarding the CBFC officials’ alleged misconduct. In the video, he claimed that these officials demanded a substantial bribe to grant a U/A certificate and screen the Hindi version of ‘Mark Antony.’ The actor, visibly distressed, revealed that he had no choice but to accede to their demands, as the film’s release was imminent. He pointedly mentioned the mediator involved, known as #Menaga, who acted as a conduit for the bribe. Vishal went further, stating that he was not merely fighting for his own interests but was committed to safeguarding the interests of future producers. He also vowed to bring the matter to the attention of the Honorable Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, hoping that justice would prevail.

Cm Eknath Shinde: Mumbai Censor Board took bribe, actor's complaint to  Chief Minister Eknath Shinde

Source: India posts English

‘Mark Antony,’ a science fiction action-comedy film, directed by Adhik Ravichandran and produced by S Vinod Kumar under Mini Studio, had already been a resounding success at the Tamil box office. Encouraged by the positive response, the film’s creators decided to release a Hindi-dubbed version. This move was expected to expand the movie’s reach to a broader audience. However, Vishal’s allegations of bribery have now cast a shadow over the film’s Hindi release and raised questions about the integrity of the film certification process.

The demand for a substantial bribe of Rs 6.5 lakh for a film’s certification is a matter of grave concern. This alleged act of corruption not only tarnished the reputation of the certification board but also raises significant questions about the transparency and ethics surrounding the film industry. The undue financial burden placed on filmmakers to secure a certification could potentially stifle creativity and impose an unfair burden on producers, particularly those with limited resources.


Source: TOI

The Indian film industry is renowned for its creativity and innovation, producing a vast array of films in different languages and genres. However, allegations of corruption and bribery in the film certification process threaten to undermine its integrity. Vishal’s decision to speak out against such practices reflects the urgent need for reform within the CBFC and other regulatory bodies in the industry.

Vishal’s assertion that he is taking this stand not just for himself but for future producers underscores the gravity of the situation. If the film certification process becomes tainted by corruption, it could discourage aspiring filmmakers and investors, ultimately stifling the growth of the industry. The film industry plays a pivotal role in the cultural and economic landscape of India, and any erosion of trust in its institutions could have far-reaching consequences.

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