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Karnataka Minister Tackles Appointment Delays, Promises More Rice

Justice Manmeet Pritam Singh Arora. 16

Karnataka’s Food & Civil Supplies Minister K H Muniyappa engaged in discussions with Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar to address the delay in appointments to boards and corporations. This meeting held significant implications as senior Congress leader B K Hariprasad was also present. The conversation revolved around the urgent need for party workers’ appointments to these entities, with Muniyappa emphasizing the importance of swift action. Additionally, Muniyappa announced the government’s plan to provide an extra 5 kg of rice to Below Poverty Line (BPL) families, starting from the next month, though details remained scarce due to rice procurement challenges.

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In a bid to tackle the ongoing delay in appointments to various boards and corporations, Karnataka’s Food & Civil Supplies Minister, K H Muniyappa, took a proactive step by engaging Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar in discussions. The objective was clear: to expedite the appointment of party workers to these crucial positions. Muniyappa left no room for ambiguity, emphasizing the need for immediate action in this regard.

Joining the conversation was senior Congress leader B K Hariprasad, a figure of considerable influence within the party. Hariprasad’s presence at this meeting carried particular significance due to his recent vocal dissent against Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. As the discussion unfolded, Muniyappa asserted that the decision to provide a suitable position of power to Hariprasad rested with the Congress high command, emphasizing that it was beyond his purview. “It’s at their level. They will decide,” he confidently stated.

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Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar, who also holds the position of Karnataka Congress president, revealed that his discussion with B K Hariprasad extended to the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. The details of their conversation regarding this critical political event were not disclosed, leaving room for speculation about the strategies and plans being hatched within the party.

Regarding the much-anticipated appointments to boards and corporations, Shivakumar offered reassurance by stating that the process would commence shortly. This statement provided a glimmer of hope to party workers and aspirants eager to contribute their skills and expertise in these roles.

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Shedding light on an issue of vital public interest, Minister Muniyappa made an announcement that would impact the lives of Below Poverty Line (BPL) families in the state. Starting from the upcoming month, the government plans to provide an additional 5 kg of rice to these families, aimed at alleviating some of the hardships they face.

However, Muniyappa’s statement left much to the imagination as he refrained from providing extensive details on the matter. The minister hinted at the government’s inability to procure the required quantity of rice, which may be a contributing factor to the limited disclosure.

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Source: Mint

Currently, the government extends assistance to BPL members by disbursing Rs 170 per month. The decision to supplement this support with extra rice is a commendable step toward addressing the nutritional needs of the most vulnerable sections of society. Nevertheless, the practical implementation of this initiative warrants close attention, as the availability of rice remains a critical factor in its success.

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