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Blue Dart’s Dart Plus Gets A New Identity As ‘Bharat Dart’ Amidst ‘Bharat Vs. India’ Debate

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In a strategic rebranding maneuver, Blue Dart Express Limited unveiled its transformation of the Dart Plus service into ‘Bharat Dart’ on Wednesday. This significant announcement aligns with a prevailing undercurrent of speculation, as discussions surrounding the potential renaming of the nation from ‘India’ to ‘Bharat’ gain momentum within the government corridors. As the company embraces this new nomenclature, it not only embraces change but also mirrors the evolving cultural and linguistic dynamics in the country.


Source: Hindustan Times

The Mumbai-based logistics company, Blue Dart Express Limited, officially announced the renaming in a stock market filing. In the filing, they introduced their updated service, previously called Dart Plus, as Bharat Dart. This strategic change is a significant step in Blue Dart’s ongoing journey, emphasizing their dedication to meeting the diverse requirements of the nation.


Source: India Posts English

The choice to rename this service resulted from thorough research to match customers’ changing needs. Blue Dart explains that Bharat Dart offers fast, secure, and well-handled deliveries with added features. It also provides benefits like full visibility on the last part of the delivery process through a strong system and convenient payment options.

The ‘India versus Bharat’ Discussion

The frequent use of ‘Bharat’ instead of ‘India’ during the recent New Delhi G20 Summit raised speculations about a potential name change. The government, however, has neither confirmed nor denied this possibility. If a renaming occurs, it might be officially announced during the upcoming ‘special session’ of Parliament scheduled from September 18 to 22, for which the agenda remains undisclosed.

The Constitution recognizes the nation as ‘India’ and ‘Bharat.’ Although these terms are interchangeable, ‘India’ is typically used in formal communication, and the official name of the country is ‘The Republic of India.’

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