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Traffic Congestion Costs Bengaluru Over $15 Billion Annually, Know More

Justice Manmeet Pritam Singh Arora. 17

Bengaluru’s Outer Ring Road, a vital transportation artery, has been plagued by severe traffic congestion, resulting in an annual loss of over $15 billion in revenues for the city, according to a recent report by the Outer Ring Road Companies Association (ORRCA). The study, presented to the state’s Home Minister, Dr. G Parameshwara, has drawn attention to the dire need for immediate action to address the persistent traffic woes. 

Bengaluru's seething tech corridor calls for timely advisories, efficient  public transport

Source: MoneyControl

Full Story:

The ORRCA spokesperson, Krishna Kumar Gowda, disclosed that the report was submitted to Minister Parameshwara, who has pledged to carefully examine its findings and engage with ORRCA to devise effective solutions. The urgency of this matter was underscored by a recent incident that brought the city to a standstill. A 17-kilometer section of the Outer Ring Road experienced one of the most severe traffic jams in recent memory. Several factors contributed to this chaos, including a mass exodus of residents leaving the city for an extended weekend, an influx of employees returning to work after a Tuesday bandh and numerous vehicle breakdowns along the route.

The underlying issue, as pointed out by civic activist Srinivas Alavilli, is the glaring lack of adequate public transport to meet the city’s burgeoning needs. Alavilli emphasized that critical projects like suburban trains should have been implemented decades ago to alleviate this ongoing crisis. ORRCA’s comprehensive report identifies a host of challenges affecting the K R Puram to Silkboard junction route, including traffic snarls, infrastructure breakdowns, insufficient last-mile connectivity, limited alternative routes, and inconsistent traffic management.

Traffic congestion in Bengaluru's tech corridor costs $15 bn annually: Outer  Ring Road Companies Association

Source: Moneycontrol

To tackle these pressing issues, the report recommends a multi-pronged approach with immediate, near-term, and long-term solutions. Among the short-term measures, effective traffic management during metro construction takes center stage. This involves widening service roads, improving alternate routes, and implementing construction schedules that minimize disruptions during peak office hours. Coordination with tech parks and the establishment of dedicated lanes for heavy construction vehicles, along with the deployment of barricades and clear signages, are also suggested to ensure smoother traffic flow.

The Outer Ring Road is undeniably pivotal to Bengaluru’s economic growth, serving as a bustling IT corridor that generates employment, enhances connectivity, drives real estate development, and provides essential ancillary services. Consequently, addressing the chronic traffic congestion issue is imperative not only for the city’s residents but also for its continued economic prosperity. Without swift and effective action, the congestion problem threatens to stifle growth and erode the city’s competitive edge.

Why Bengaluru's tech corridor, Outer Ring Road, needs an urgent fix

Source: Moneycontrol

In addition to the short-term measures, the report also outlines near-term solutions that can help alleviate traffic congestion on the Outer Ring Road. These include enhancing public transportation options, improving traffic management systems, and exploring innovative strategies to mitigate traffic bottlenecks. These near-term initiatives aim to provide immediate relief while the city works on more substantial, long-term solutions.

Looking ahead, the report envisions long-term strategies that involve the expansion and improvement of public transportation networks, the development of additional alternative routes, and the adoption of cutting-edge traffic management technologies. By implementing these recommendations, Bengaluru can look forward to a future where the Outer Ring Road is a symbol of efficient mobility rather than a bottleneck that hampers progress.

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