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DJ Halli and KG Halli Attack Case: Unresolved Questions After 3 Years


In an update about the DJ Halli and KG Halli police station attack case from August 11, 2020, things are still uncertain even after three years. The sources stated that 37 people are still in jail due to serious charges connected to this case.

At first, the CCB police investigated for about 45 days. Then, the NIA took over and filed charges in February 2021.The statements these witnesses gave to the CCB were not included in the NIA’s chargesheet. These same witnesses said different things in other cases that the regular police investigated.


Source: DH

The statements from the CCB investigation were only gotten after two years, because the court ordered it. When these statements were looked at, there were big differences between what was said at first and what was in the NIA chargesheet. The chargesheet didn’t mention the people who were arrested by the NIA in December 2020, even though they were accused of serious charges under UAPA.

A strange example of this is about a car , Innova. The NIA accused people A-19 to A-24 (related to Case no 229/2020) of setting fire to this Innova car with the number KA04MP 5959. But these six people are still in jail because of this, even though the regular police also looked into the burning of an Innova car in Case no 235/2020. Four witnesses were the same for both NIA and regular police, but what they said was quite different. The chargesheet for Case no 235/2020 said that A-1 Syed Yasin, A-8 Yasir Arfat, A-9 Mohammed Ismil, and A-18 Mudassir Ahmed S/o Mukhtair Ahmed were responsible for the fire.


Source: The Hindu

In the NIA chargesheet, the statements of LW1 Ajay Sarthi, PI of KG PS, and LW9 Sandeep PSI were not the same as what they said earlier to the CCB. NIA mentioned A-19 to A-24 as suspects, but they didn’t say this in their first statements to the CCB. These names were also missing when they talked about Case no 235/2020. So, NIA left out these statements because they were inconsistent.

This pattern of confusion and changes also applies to all the people still in jail under UAPA charges. Even though the charge sheet had more than five hours of video, there was no proof of the 37 accused people doing anything wrong. In the DJ Halli case, some of the jailed people were seen helping the police. It’s important to mention that the NIA’s investigation continued from where the CCB investigation stopped, and they didn’t ignore the earlier findings. But NIA chose not to show the statements the regular police recorded.


Source: The News Minute

In conclusion, even after three years, the situation is uncertain for the people involved in the DJ Halli and KG Halli police station attack. There are many conflicting statements between the CCB and NIA investigations, important testimonies are missing, and evidence like the burned Innova car adds to the confusion. As the legal process continues, the media’s role in presenting these complex issues fairly is very important.

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