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Fact Check: Was A Bihari Youth Harassed For Not Knowing Kannada? Here’s The Truth About The Viral Video

Image Source: Vistara News
The Viral Claim Made By The Bihari Youth:

A video of a youth from Bihar complaining about harassment by Kannadigas in Bengaluru has sparked a linguistic debate on social media between organizations that support Kannada and those that support Hindi, with the latter accusing the former of inciting racism and intolerance.


Nitesh Kumar Yadav
Image Source: The Indian Express

The man, who identifies himself as a Muzaffarpur native from Bihar, is allegedly heard in the Bengaluru video screaming insults and using profane language to describe how the Hindi-speaking populace is being “treated badly” in Bengaluru. The video surfaced on internet where a Bihari Student Harassed In Bangalore.

Here is the viral video:


What Do The Police Have To Say About The Viral Claim?

The police have identified the youth as Nitesh Kumar Yadav. Here’s what the police have to say about this. Bengaluru City Police Commissioner CH Pratap Reddy told reporters on Thursday, “Prima facie, it appears that there was an argument between the man and the customers in the eatery (where he worked). An inquiry has begun into the matter. Since the youth has returned to his hometown, we are collecting more details from him and action will be initiated.”


CH Pratap Reddy With CM Bommai
Image Source: India Today

Subramanyanagar police officers conducted a preliminary investigation, finding that the argument was not about language but rather “bad food.” On social media, some users reported that the man overheard the females in the video abusing him.


Image for representation

A police officer told the Indian Express that the incident took place on April 7. He said, “this was never actually a language row. There was a communication gap between the ladies and Yadav. We learnt that the ladies had visited the hotel and had ordered a rice item. However, they did not like the food and they paid the man with a torn Rs 100 note. A war of words ensued after he did not accept the money. In the heated argument, the Bihar man did not understand Kannada and the ladies did not understand Hindi.”

He further added that Mr Yadav intentionally turned it into a language issue. He further said, “the owner of the hotel was also not present at the time of the incident. We learnt that Yadav has gone back to his home state (Bihar). No one has filed any complaint so far.”

Fact Check:

The video which went viral on the internet regarding the language issue and racism is completely false! The police have done their due diligence and have stated that it was intentionally done. Do not believe in every viral video, and conduct due diligence!

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