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Youtuber Couple Allege Dhruv Rathee Of Sending Goons Attack Them In Europe

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Dhruv Rathee, an Indian YouTuber, with 13 million followers is accused by another YouTuber couple, Anurag and Karolina Goswami of sending his radicalized followers and attacking them twice in Europe. The Goswami couple run a YouTube channel ‘India in Details’ where they have 1 million subscribers. 



Initially of Polish descent, Karolina Goswami shared that she has decided to share the details of their situation and highlighted the seriousness of their situation. She stated, “Yes, I want the YouTube community to see the terror that we face and how it happened.”


source: Op India

Anurag Goswami released a video on YouTube sharing the pictures of their attacked car with broken windows while recounting the appalling events that occurred and stating that they attacked his family in Paris and Berlin for fact-checking one of his videos.

He explained that no expensive item was stolen except for their data and requested the government of India to intervene and take action to ensure their safety. Anurag stated that they filed a police complaint in two of Europe’s police stations and alleged that Druv’s followers chanted “Dhruv Rathee will destroy you” during the assault.

EXCLUSIVE: Dhruv Rathee's 'worst secret' EXP0SED! | Anurag and Karolina Goswami - YouTube

Surprisingly, even after facing all these allegations by the couple there has been radio silence on Druv Rathee’s end, neither has he spoken on these allegations nor regarding the video Karolina Goswami made that debunked his earlier video regarding the ‘World Happiness Index 2021’, and citing the Index, Druv claimed that people in Pakistan are happier than those in India.


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