About us

We are always searching for a missing piece. The idea of of something that completes us keeps us engaged and looking for answers. How does we know that we have found what matters in a world filled with choice and noise? This could be a person, a bit of news or something even more compelling. Where do we make the right choice?
NewsHamster takes care of that for you. NewsHamster is your only choice and no noise. Find the people, news and events that you look for only on NewsHamster. We love an experience that nudges us into what matters most- quality time spent meaningfully. We share this with the people that matter. In conversations that should bring us together, there is plenty of news to go around. Take out the noise and you are left with only NewsHamster.

Find relevance and find your missing piece only with NewsHamster.

NewsHamster- Your Choice & No Noise.