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News Hamster –

NewsHamster is an independent and public-spirited digital media/news platform.We are the fastest-growing digital video and news publisher in India with a young
team which aims at providing you stories, with ideals of free press and highest
journalistic standards.
Founded in 2019, NewsHamster aims to create content that includes news, ground
reportage, news analysis, opinions, blogs, podcasts, movie reviews, food blogs and
so on. We report, cover and write on a wide range of issues and events. Our
speciality is that we also focus on lifestyle & pop culture content that engages
with a young audience aged 13–35.
We aim to build a community of citizens who are informed and aware of their
rights; at the same also enjoy our services at their leisure. We aim to provide the
content in a compelling format which is accessible across all foras online.
We believe in a fourth estate that is democratised and approachable, also is true
to its conscience. We are a media house that gives equal attention to all, from
individuals to local communities to non-profits and the elite classes.
NewsHamster is a go to place for all your ‘informative’ needs and light-hearted