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Wrongful Portrayal Of Veeragase Artists | Head Bush Controversy Explained | Daali Dhananjaya

head bush controversy

Kannada film Head Bush has landed itself in a controversy. The netizens have called for a boycott of the film and are trending #boycottheadbush. The film has become state-level headlines and the man called out here is Daali Dhananjaya. What is the Head Bush Controversy?

Full Story of the Head Bush Controversy…

Head Bush Controversy: Netizens are talking about a particular scene in the film Head Bush where Veeragase artists are being beaten up by the protagonist who is Jayaraj played by Dhananhjaya in this case but the catch here is that those artists are seen wearing shoes.

This scene has also been called out as an unwarranted showcase of the Karaga festival. Representatives of Karaga Utsava Samithi said that they would file a complaint with the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce over this or demand to cut some scenes and re-release the movie.

Daali Dhananjay who plays Jayaraj has said that he is not beating up the Veeragase artists but rather those goons who have disguised themselves as the artists, hence are wearing shoes. The shoes act as an effective hint for the protagonist that it is not the real artists but the goons who are there to attack him, he said. He also added that he is a devotee of Veerabhadra Swamy ensured that there was no element of insult to Veeragase in the movie.

In favor of Daali

Head Bush Controversy

A considerable number of people have supported Dhanajaya and said that it is a purposeful attempt to defame him and his progressive views. A number of Twitter handles are tweeting with #WeStandWithDhananjaya.

The role of Agni Sreedhar

Agni Sreedhar on whose book ‘Dadagiriya Dinagalu’ or ‘My Days in Underworld’ the film is based, came in support of Dhananjaya and said that he should be held accountable for this and not Dhananjaya. He called these allegations outrageous and those who alleged them as dirty fellows. The film Head Bush has gotten mixed reviews and still runs well in the theatres.

The film Head Bush has been getting mixed reviews but Daali fans have gone gaga over the same.

Directed by Shoonya the film also showcases Yogi, Sandy Master, and Sruthi Hariharan.

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