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Who Is Lakshmikanthan? Why Are People Talking About Him Now?

Who is Lakshmikanthan?

Gossipping- a trait unavoidable by human beings. Sometimes gossip turns into journalism and PR as well. However, in certain cases, it can become the reason for one’s death too. In the light of the Renukaswamy murder case which saw the arrest of popular Kannada actor Darshan Thoogudeepa, an old case was dug up- the murder of C.N Laksmikanthan. The common factor is the involvement of a renowned actor. 

Lakshmikanthan was a controversial film journalist known for his scurrilous writing and provocative articles. His publications, “The Cinema Thoothu” and later “The Hindu Nesan,” were fraught with scandalous allegations and salacious content that targeted prominent figures in the cinema world and beyond. His mission to “protect Indian women” stood in stark contrast to the nature of his writings, which often delved into bedroom secrets and defamatory accusations against public figures.

Lakshmikanthan, a blackmailer on the prowl

C N Lakshmikanthan (Source: dtnext)

Lakshmikanthan’s notoriety was further exacerbated by his past conviction for forging an affidavit and his subsequent imprisonment. His contentious nature and relentless attacks through his publications sowed the seeds of animosity and resentment among those he targeted, particularly M.K. Thyagaraja Bhagavathar and N.S. Krishnan, the subjects of his defamatory articles.

Web Series Based On The Famous Lakshmikanthan Murder Case Soon? What We  Know - News18

M K Thyagaraja Bhagavathar (Source: News18)

Another parallel that can be drawn between Renukaswamy and Lakshmikanthan is their alleged inappropriate behavior towards women. 

The prosecution contended that the scurrilous articles penned by Lakshmikanthan had deeply upset the film stars, leading to a conspiracy to eliminate him.  Vadivelu, a staff member of the weekly and the main accused, and Nagalingam, a hireling, were also supposed to have been a part of the conspiracy. The incendiary nature of his writings had instigated a collective resolve to silence him, culminating in a plot to orchestrate his murder.

Rise and fall of NS Krishnan: Tamil cinema's legendry comedian who died a  tragedy

N S Krishnan (Source: The News Minute)


Laksmikanthan was stabbed in Vepery, Madras on November 7, 1944, and succumbed to his injuries the following morning at the General Hospital, Madras.

The enduring mystery of the Lakshmikanthan murder case lies in the identity of the assailants and the complexities of the conspiracy. The trial yielded guilty verdicts for some, including M.K. Thyagaraja Bhagavathar and N.S. Krishnan, their subsequent acquittal after 27 months behind bars left the question of culpability shrouded in ambiguity.

The trial transcripts of 1945, which formed the basis for a dramatized representation by The Madras Players, provided a compelling narrative of the events that transpired. The play, aptly titled “Lakshmikanthan,” delved into the intricate web of motives, vendettas, and clandestine dealings that characterized the case.

Irrespective of the sensationalism that followed the Lakshmikanthan case, the country saw a rise in yellow journalism with tabloids and magazines being published both in Hindi and regional languages, with even more intimate details about actors’ personal lives.

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