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Arambikkalama: PM Modi’s Campaign in Tamil Nadu

Matu 29

However, the PM claimed that his visit to TN did not have anything to do with his chair or the election. Prime Minister Modi on Sunday 31st March got on record with A Tamil News Channel Thanthi TV and answered various questions raining from his motives in TN to Ram Mandir Pran Prthista, Electoral Bonds, and even the ED and CBI. 

PM Modi's exclusive interview with Thanthi TV | Tamil Version

Source: Narendra Modi on YT

Full Story:

Talking about the Tamil Nadu, he appreciated their culture and their language. The PM mentioned how the Tamil Language is one of the oldest in the world and that we should be proud of it. He was truly embracing the Tamil culture by wearing the “veshti” and talking about Pongal. HE mentioned how his visit to Tamil Nadu was not recent and that it was not for his Position or the Elections. 


Talking about the Ram Mandir Pran Prthista, He said that he went there because he was invited, he mentioned that he went there like a normal Indian citizen and not like the PM. He also said that the 11-day “anusthan” that he did was because he felt emotionally attached to this “turning point” event. He said he could feel the sacrifices made by different people over about 500 years and how all that had transformed into what the Ram Mandir was.


The PM was then asked questions on the Electoral Bonds and how it could be a setback given the current elections. To this, he replied by saying that he does not consider it a setback because electoral bonds only bought about a record of all the money coming into the political party. He said that political parties before 2014 also received money from different sources but there was no record of it. 


In the further questions, he was asked that the opposition is calling CBI and ED Governments Goons, what does the PM think of that? He answered by calling the opposition “Mentally Bankrupt” and that he could not help them if they thought like that. He said he could give both an explanation or examples of how the statement is baseless, but he chose to give examples instead and let the people derive explanations from it. He then went out to bring out the different numbers that ED projected in pre-2014 and post-2014 times. He mentioned how pre-2014 only 350 lakh rupees were recovered but post-2014 they collected 2000 crores and gave it back to people to whom it belonged.


The Prime Minister bought out many other aspects of his 10-year term and also gave a rough roadmap for the upcoming elections. He answered many questions on how he worked towards the development of the poor and not only for big corporations for which they are usually criticized. He mentioned how the people had set the goal of 400 seats for them and that it was not his personal goal.

Modi Interview To Thanthi TV: From Sengol, Electoral Bonds To ED &  Parivarvad, 10 Things PM Said

Source: Free Press Journal

This interview was a rare sighting because The PM usually keeps away from news media and prefers to talk on his “Man Ki Baat” instead. The Interview had some challenging questions for the prime minister but he tackled them well and one might say almost won over the TN public’s votes. But how much of all the “wooing” worked will only be understood when the LS Polls have concluded.

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