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Alcohol Store In Saudi | 6 Developments In Saudi Arabia That Have Startled The World

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Saudi Arabia has been undergoing a transformative journey under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The recent decision to permit alcohol sales to non-Muslim diplomats is just one among several groundbreaking reforms aimed at projecting a more open and moderate image, it becomes clear that Saudi Arabia is on a path of modernization that has, indeed, shocked the world.

Cinemas Reopened:
Breaking a 35-year hiatus, Saudi Arabia welcomed cinemas back in April 2018, with “Black Panther” being the first film shown. This monumental decision signaled a departure from a ban imposed by clerics in the 1970s. Riyadh’s ambitious plan to open over 300 cinemas by 2030 demonstrates a commitment to cultural openness, though films are subject to strict selection and censorship to avoid contentious portrayals of sex, religion, or politics.

A global film hub is emerging in the Kingdom

Source: AL Arabiya

Women at the Wheel:
June 2018 marked the end of decades-long restrictions as Saudi Arabia lifted the ban on women driving, a unique prohibition globally that had left women dependent on men for mobility. Since then, thousands of women have embraced this newfound freedom, with some even pursuing careers as mechanics and taxi drivers. However, the euphoria was tempered by a subsequent crackdown on women activists who had campaigned for this fundamental right.

Saudi Women Celebrate End Of Driving Ban, Cops Welcome Them With Roses

Source: Alamy

Travel Without Male ‘Guardian’:
In a significant move towards gender equality, Saudi women aged 21 or older were granted the right, in 2019, to apply for passports and travel abroad without the need for consent from a male “guardian.” 

Tourists Welcome:
Saudi Arabia opened its doors to tourism in September 2019, a shift from issuing visas solely to specific groups. Prince Mohammed’s announcement of a massive tourism project aimed at transforming islands and sites on the Red Sea into luxury resorts exemplifies the kingdom’s commitment to economic diversification. 

Women in Saudi Arabia Can Now Travel Without Permission of a Male Guardian  -

Source: Tripoto

Gender Mixing:
Saudi has allowed men and women to mingle in public spaces. Women witnessed historic moments, entering football stadiums in 2018 to watch matches and attending concerts alongside men. Restrictions on beach attire and the wearing of abaya robes have been relaxed, fostering a more inclusive environment. Moreover, millions of women have entered the job market since 2016, engaging in various professions previously restricted to them.

Desert X AlUla Visitor Centre / |

Source: ArchDaily

AlUla Studios – A Cinematic Marvel:
Saudi is making waves in the film industry with AlUla Studios. This state-of-the-art production facility in the AlUla region, established to attract international productions, boasts impressive features such as two expansive soundstages, warehouses equipped for seamless production, and a car park with solar-shaded spots. With a total power supply of 960kva, AlUla Studios is poised to become a global cinematic hub, further showcasing the kingdom’s commitment to cultural and economic evolution.

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