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Udhayanidhi Stalin Targeted: Mahant Paramhans Das Offers Rs 10 Cr Reward – Get The Details

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In a recent controversy, a Tamil Nadu minister named Udhayanidhi Stalin, who is also the son of the state’s chief minister, MK Stalin, made comments that upset many people who follow ‘Sanatan Dharma.’ Following this, a religious leader from Ayodhya, Paramhans Acharya, has made a shocking announcement. He is offering a reward of Rs 10 crore to anyone who beheads the DMK leader. This incident has caused a lot of anger and discussion in the country.


Source: India Times

Paramhans Acharya, the chief priest of Ayodhya’s Tapaswi Chawni temple, has openly declared a bounty of Rs 10 crore for the beheading of Tamil Nadu minister Udhayanidhi Stalin. In a video statement, Acharya not only offered this substantial cash reward but also issued a chilling threat, stating his intention to personally hunt down and kill Stalin if no one dares to carry out the act. This brazen declaration has ignited fears and raised serious concerns about the safety and security of political figures in the region, emphasizing the need for swift and appropriate action to address this alarming situation.

Furthermore, Paramhans Acharya emphasized his financial capacity by asserting, “I am the owner of Rs 500 crore, and parting with Rs 10 crore holds no significance for me.” This statement underscores his readiness to back his ominous declaration with substantial resources. It’s worth noting that Acharya has a history of making controversial statements that have previously attracted widespread attention and scrutiny, adding to the complexity of the current situation and raising questions about the broader implications of his actions.


Source: ETV Bharat

Death at Nuh: 

Just last week, Paramhans Acharya made the news because he got upset when authorities in Nuh, Haryana, stopped him from holding a Shobha Yatra. When he couldn’t continue his procession and was stopped at the Sohna toll plaza, he declared that he would go on a hunger strike until his demands were met, and he was willing to continue this strike until he passed away. This incident shows that he often uses dramatic actions to bring attention to his issues, making him a controversial figure.

Paramhans Acharya expressed his frustration with the authorities, saying, “The administration has stopped us from going forward, and they won’t let us go back either. So, I’ve started a hunger strike until I am allowed to perform the Jalabhishek ritual with respect. I will stay right here until they give me permission. If they decide to move me to another place without my agreement, I will still carry on with my hunger strike until I pass away there too.” This statement underscores his determination to carry out his religious ritual and his willingness to take extreme measures to achieve his goal, even if it means putting his own life at risk.


Source: India Times

Jal Samadhi’s Role in the Hindu Rashtra Vision: 

Back in October 2022, Paramhans Acharya had made headlines once again when he issued a threat of a ‘jal samadhi’ – a symbolic act of self-immersion in water – in response to his demand for the declaration of India as a Hindu Rashtra by October 2, which had not been met. His intention was to perform this act in the Sarayu River. 

However, the authorities intervened by placing him under house arrest, effectively preventing him from carrying out his planned protest. This incident highlighted the ongoing tension between Acharya and the government regarding his activism and demands, underscoring the recurring nature of his confrontations with the authorities.


Source: Zee News


Bounty on Swami Prasad Maurya

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Paramhans Acharya has offered a reward for someone’s head. Earlier this year, in January, he put a bounty of Rs 5000 on Samajwadi Party leader Swami Prasad Maurya. He did this because of comments Maurya made about Ramcharitmanas. This shows that Acharya has a history of using such controversial tactics to express his displeasure with public figures and their statements.


Source: India Times

Paramhans Acharya vs Shah Rukh Khan 

In December 2022, there was quite a commotion after the release of the movie “Pathaan” and the controversy surrounding its song, “Besharam Rang.” Paramhans Acharya became part of the controversy when he made a shocking threat to burn Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan alive. This threat grabbed a lot of attention. Later, in a video that went viral, Paramhans Acharya was seen performing what he said were the final rituals for Shah Rukh Khan. These events highlighted the intense reactions that can arise in the context of controversies in the entertainment industry and Acharya’s inclination towards extreme actions in expressing his views.

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