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Udhayanidhi Stalin: Eradicating Sanatana Dharma Sparks Debate


In a controversial statement made on Saturday, Udhayanidhi Stalin, Tamil Nadu’s minister and the son of Chief Minister MK Stalin, ignited a fierce debate by asserting that Sanatana Dharma stands in opposition to the principles of social justice and should be “eliminated.” Drawing a startling analogy, Mr. Stalin likened Sanatana Dharma to afflictions such as dengue and malaria, a comparison that has since garnered vehement condemnation from BJP leaders.

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Udhayanidhi Stalin made a statement comparing Sanatana Dharma to diseases like malaria and dengue. He said, “Sanatana is like malaria and dengue and so it must be eradicated and not opposed.” This statement upset many people on social media, and they are calling for legal action against him. People are worried about this because it involves freedom of religion and has sparked a big argument about religion in India today.

Amit Malviya, a member of the BJP, expressed strong criticism of the Congress party’s alliance with the DMK and made a serious accusation. He said, “Rahul Gandhi speaks of ‘mohabbat ki dukaan’ (a shop of love), but Congress ally DMK’s scion talks about eradicating Sanatana Dharma. Congress’s silence is support for this genocidal call.


Source: The Statesman

INDIA Alliance, true to its name, if given an opportunity, will annihilate the millennia-old civilization that is Bharat.” This statement, posted on Twitter, highlights a growing political controversy and raises questions about the stance of different political parties on religious and cultural issues in India

The DMK, a member of the INDIA bloc, met with other opposition leaders in Mumbai recently to streamline strategies for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, where they will be contesting against the BJP-led NDA. 


Source: NDTV

During a writers’ conference in Chennai, Mr. Udhayanidhi Stalin made remarks that have sparked controversy. He stated that Sanatana Dharma should not just be opposed but completely eliminated. The Tamil Nadu minister argued that this belief system is inherently regressive, as it divides people based on caste and gender and goes against principles of equality and social justice.

In response to Mr. Malviya’s tweet, he countered by saying, “Stop spreading fake news.” Mr. Stalin clarified that he did not call for the genocide of those who follow Sanatana Dharma. He believes that uprooting Sanatana Dharma is a way to promote humanity and equality among all people. He firmly stands by his words and stated that he spoke on behalf of the oppressed and marginalized individuals who suffer because of Sanatana Dharma. This controversy highlights a broader discussion about the impact of religious beliefs on society and social justice.

“I am ready to present the extensive writings of Periyar and Ambedkar, who conducted in-depth research on Sanatana Dharma and its negative impact on society in any forum. Let me reiterate the crucial aspect of my speech: I believe, like the spread of diseases like COVID-19, Dengue, and Malaria by mosquitoes, that Sanatana Dharma is responsible for many social evils.

“I am prepared to confront any challenges that come my way, whether in a court of law or the people’s court. Stop spreading fake news.”

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