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Fact Check: Did The Udaipur Murderers Have Connections With The BJP?

In an exclusive investigation by India Today, it is suggested that one of the Udaipur murderers planned to infiltrate the BJP’s minority cell of Rajasthan. The report has stated that he tried to sneak into the BJP’s Rajasthan unit for at least three years. The killers have been responsible for the brutal murder of Kanhaiya Lal Teli. The murders shocked the nation and various political leaders expressed their shock.

During the murder, both men videotaped themselves committing the horrific act and were seen brandishing a meat cleaver. In the video, they called the murder an act of retribution against the Prophet. Moreover, they stated that he was killed because he supported Nupur Sharma.

When India Today began investigating the murderers, it was found that they, especially Riyaz Attari, allegedly plotted to infiltrate the BJP Rajasthan unit in Udaipur for at least three years. Furthermore, it was found out that Riyaz Attari, one of the two killers, appeared to have found his way into party events through party loyalists.

Images by India Today show that BJP’s Rajasthan Minority Morcha member, Irshad Chainwala, welcomed him after his return from a pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia in 2019. Mr Chainwala has been associated with the BJP for more than a decade. When India Today tried to probe him, he admitted that Attari attended various events held by the BJP in Udaipur.


Irshad Chainwala With Riyaz Attari In Udaipur
Image Source: India Today

However, Mr Chainwala stated that Attari would not shy himself from attacking BJP’s ideology in private conversations. Attari even criticise the party bitterly when he was with his friends.

While speaking with India Today’s reporter, he stated that Attari attended several events hosted by BJP Leader Gulab Chand Kataria in Udaipur. Moreover, he said that Attari would show up at these events uninvited.

The “Missing” Invitee

According to Mr Chianwala, Attari used to attend various events of the BJP through a party member called Mohammad Tahir. Tahir was close to Attari and was seen together in pictures. When India Today reached Savina, a neighbourhood in Udaipur, to interview Tahir he was nowhere to be found. While questioning the neighbours about his whereabouts, they said that he had vacated his rented house. Moreover, his phone was switched off.

Attari’s Alleged Terror Links

India Today found several alarming clues regarding Attari’s alleged terror links. The killers were obsessed with the 26/11 attacks and had paid Rs 5000 for a special number plate (RJ 27 AS 2611) for Attari’s bike. When Attari bought his bike in 2013, he had the licence plate made. According to investigators, he kept the number as a trophy.

Attaris Bike With The Special Number Plate Image Source ABP News

Attari’s Bike With The Special Number Plate
Image Source: ABP News

The terror attack on Mumbai on November 26, 2008, came to be known as 26/11.

India Today has also reported that he was under the scanner of investigative agencies since 2014 after his travel to Pakistan. Moreover, he purchased the murder weapon around the same period. India Today’s reports have shown that he was allegedly radicalized around the same period.


References: India Today

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