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Delhi Murder Case: 7 Spine Chilling Details About The Murder Case That Shocked The Country!

Image Source Zee News2
Image Source: Zee News

The Delhi murder case is one of the most shocking murder cases to occur in recent times. According to reports, a 28-year-old man, Aftab Poonawalla, in Delhi allegedly murdered his live-in partner (Shraddha Walkar) after being inspired by the American crime drama ‘Dexter.’ Aftab Ameen Poonawala stored his partner’s body pieces in a refrigerator and spread them daily. According to police reports, the body parts were spread around the Mehrauli forest. He burnt ‘agarbattis’ in the apartment to get rid of the stench.

Aftab has been detained for five days. Several body parts were discovered during the inquiry; however, it is unclear whether they are human remains or something else.

Here are seven spine-chilling details about the Delhi murder case!

  • “Forget I am Your Daughter”

When Ms Walkar moved out to live with Aftab, she told her parents, “Forget I am your daughter.” The deceased’s father wrote in the FIR, “Despite incurring our displeasure, our daughter (Shraddha) said to us: ‘I’m 25-years-old now and I have all the right to take my decisions. I have to live with Aftab Ameen Poonawalala in a live-in relationship. From today, forget that I am your daughter’…She just took her clothes and left to live with Aftab Ameen Poonawala.”

Delhi Murder Case

Image Source: BBC

  • His Experience as A Chef

According to the insider cited by Print, Aftab finished the macabre work with a 1-foot-long saw, and his experience as a cook at a five-star hotel aided him in slicing up Shraddha’s body into tiny bits over the course of days.

Delhi Murder Case

Image Source: Firstpost

  • Throwing off the suspicion

According to reports, Aftab Googled “how to clean blood” and “how to get rid of the body.” Aftab reportedly continued to interact with Shraddha’s acquaintances on Instagram till June 9th in order to avoid suspicion. Moreover, the source stated he used Shraddha’s credit card to pay off her expenses so that no one would question her disappearance.

Delhi Murder Case

Image Source: Small Business Trends

  • The Face

Aftab slept in the same room where he dismembered Shraddha. According to the police, he used to “see the face” after putting her head in the fridge.

Delhi murder case

Source- Free Press Journal

  • Toxic Relationship

One of Shraddha’s friends, Rajat, told ANI that Shraddha was “fearing for her life.” He informed Times Now that Shraddha had complained about Aftab “abusing and beating” her on multiple occasions. He further said, “They used to have a lot of fights. There was a fight to such an extent that she texted me on WhatsApp and asked me to take her somewhere that night. She said that if she lived with Aftab that night, he would kill her.”

Shraddha and her friends had threatened Aftab that they would file a police case; however, Shraddha did not pursue it as he used to blackmail her emotionally. He said, “He had too much influence on her. She told us that Aftab told her he will commit suicide and she believed he would, so she did not go to the police and stayed with him.”

delhi murder case

Image Source: India TV News

  • Post-Murder Dates

Aftab allegedly met people on Bumble and invited them to his Mehrauli home for a date at the same time Shraddha’s dismembered body parts were stashed in a 300-litre refrigerator he had purchased specifically for the purpose.

Delhi murder case

Image Source: Zee News
The Fridge Where Her Body Was Kept

  • A Pre-Planned Murder?

The Delhi police are currently examining whether the choice to rent the flat in the national capital was part of a murder plot against Shraddha. The cops also went to the shop where he claimed to have purchased the equipment to sever Shraddha’s body. He claimed to have purchased the knife and trash bags used in the crime from the shop.

Delhi Murder Case

Source- Trinikid


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