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All You Need To Know About ‘Dexter’, The Show That Inspired Aftab Amin Poonawalla

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New Delhi was shaken by the gruesome murder of a young girl, Shraddha Walker by her live-in boyfriend, Aftab Amin Poonawalla, on 18th May. 

 A new twist to the case has been an uncanny resemblance between Aftab’s crime and the American crime show, Dexter. Investigators claim that the 28-year-old alleged murderer was inspired by the show to commit his crime. 

Fact Check: Murderer Aftab Amin Poonawalla is Muslim, not Parsi

About Dexter 

Dexter aired for eight seasons between October 1, 2006, and September 22, 2013. The show portrayed the double life of a serial killer Dexter Morgan played by Michael C Hall. Dexter is a forensic technician specializing in bloodstain pattern analysis with the Miami Metro Police Department by profession and a serial killer by passion. 

Dexter (TV Series 2006–2013) - IMDb

Dexter often sniffed out murderers who escaped punishment due to the inefficient legal system and killed them. He then proceeds to cut the victim’s body into parts, store them in a garbage bag and dispose of them in an ocean. 

Aftab and Dexter 

Aftab was inspired by the show as a day after killing his girlfriend, he purchased a saw and a 300-liter refrigerator. He was skilled at using meat knives as he was a trained chef. 

After strangling Walker, he cut her body into 35 pieces and stored them in the refrigerator. Subsequently, over 18 days, he disposed of parts of her body in different parts of the city in garbage bags. 

After a quick google search, he cleaned the blood stains using a chemical and threw away the stained clothes. 

Police reports claim that Aftab used to often look at the victim’s face in the refrigerator and slept in the same room the murder was committed to. 

Aftab confessed to the crime and stated that he and Walker often got into dissent regarding their marriage plans. After engaging in an ugly argument one day, Aftab committed the crime in rage. The police have also recovered bones from Aftab’s flat and plan to unearth the remaining body parts. 

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