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12 Mins Cameo, Blown Audience Mind | Shivanna In Jailer



Shiva Raj Kumar, one of the most celebrated star in the Kannada film industry and affectionately called as “Kannada Chakravarthy” by his devoted fans, has long held an esteemed position within the Kannada-speaking community.


Source: Sakshi

Even though he is a well-known icon, most people only recognize him in his language because he has only made movies in Kannada and his works haven’t been translated into other languages.


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Nevertheless, we witness a pivotal transformation through the release of “Jailer,” the latest cinematic masterpiece starring the iconic Rajinikanth, propelling Shiv Raj Kumar into new and uncharted territories within the realm of cinema across various languages.


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In the movie “Jailer,” Shiv Rajkumar appeared for only five minutes, but his charming presence on screen left a strong impact and captivated the audience. He also received massive support and affection from a multilingual audience.

Undoubtedly, this juncture marks a significant turning point in his career, signifying a shift in his recognition beyond the confines of Kannada cinema. With this newfound recognition filmmakers want to use his famous image and give him important roles to make his reputation even better in the movie world.


Source: YouTube

The director explained all of this in an interview for a YouTube channel, “While creating the story for “Jailer,” I wanted to include famous people from different places in the story. One character would be from Bihar, another from Kerala, and one more from Mangalore. I decided to ask Mohanlal and Shiv Rajkumar, who are well-known actors, to be part of the project. I also thought about taking pictures of them that show their true selves when we meet in person.” 


Source: GQ India

The director, Nelson, shared an elated update about how well “Jailer” is being liked by Mohanlal and Shiv Rajkumar. Mohanlal said the movie is doing really well in Kerala theaters and people are loving it. Shiv Rajkumar also said he’s happy because his character in the movie is getting good feedback from Kannada cinema fans. He’s excited to watch “Jailer” himself and is planning to see it in Mysore on Saturday, August 12th.


Source: Pictures Inside

 Nelson also expressed his happiness upon receiving a compelling proposition from these esteemed superstars, expressing their interest in assuming more substantial roles in his upcoming project. 

He shared his aspiration of involving Nandamuri Balakrishna, fondly known as Balayya, in “Jailer,” envisioning a potent cameo role as an authoritative police officer. However, the collaboration didn’t come to fruition as initially anticipated, prompting the director to refrain from pursuing the concept further, as revealed in a candid interview.

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