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Scam alert: Is WhatsApp Pink a problem? Here’s why!

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A concerning new WhatsApp scam, referred to as the “WhatsApp Pink scam,” has recently surfaced, victimizing numerous individuals. Authorities from various states across India, including Mumbai, Kerala, Karnataka, and others, have issued warnings to the public about this fraudulent scheme. The North region cyber police crime wing has even issued a tweet titled “WHATSAPP PINK – A Red Alert for Android Users,” alerting users to stay cautious. 

Pink WhatsApp Scam: What is it, how to protect your phone from it, how to uninstall it; All You Need to Know

Business Today

Government cybersecurity agencies have also taken notice, releasing advisories to combat the increasing cases of the WhatsApp Pink scam. 

What is the WhatsApp Pink scam?

WhatsApp Pink presents itself as a counterfeit version of the widely used messaging application, enticing users with promises of enhanced features. Operating under the guise of offering a ‘New Pink Look WhatsApp with extra features,’ malicious scammers send out messages to unsuspecting users, luring them into downloading the deceptive app. However, instead of delivering on its claims, WhatsApp Pink is, in reality, a perilous malware.

WhatsApp Pink Scam 2023 : What Is It And How To Avoid Falling Victim To It - Inventiva

Source: Inventiva

Once installed, this deceptive app grants scammers unauthorized access to the user’s smartphone data, enabling them to carry out insidious acts of theft. Sensitive information, including crucial details like bank credentials, contact numbers, cherished photos, and more, may fall into the hands of these unscrupulous individuals, posing significant risks to the victims’ privacy and security. 

WhatsApp Pink messages might not only originate from suspicious sources but could also come from your friends or contacts whose phones have been hacked. This fraudulent version of the app not only infiltrates users’ devices but also spreads its deceptive grasp by sending messages to their entire contact list, urging them to download the malicious app as well. 

Its primary objective is to take sensitive information from users’ devices, encompassing crucial data such as OTPs, contact lists, and even bank account particulars. Once unsuspecting users click on the deceptive link, sinister malware swiftly infiltrates their devices, unleashing its malevolent capabilities.

Pink WhatsApp scam is rising, do not click on this link or you will lose money - India Today

Source: India Today

Why WhatsApp pink warning is only for android users: 

The cautionary alert regarding the WhatsApp Pink scam is specifically directed toward Android users, as Apple’s stringent policies prevent users from downloading apps from unauthorized third-party app stores or APK files. The WhatsApp Pink app propagates its deceptive reach through these very channels, taking advantage of unsuspecting Android users who may be tempted to access it. However, Apple’s robust security measures shield their users from falling victim to such scams, serving as a crucial safeguard against the spread of fraudulent applications and potential security breaches.

Received a Link to Download 'WhatsApp Pink'? Don't Download & Install it

Source: Tech Caption

How to ensure safety from the scam: 

To safeguard yourself from the WhatsApp Pink scam, it is crucial to exclusively download the WhatsApp app or its updates from the official Google Play Store. Refrain from obtaining any version of WhatsApp from third-party app stores or APK files. 

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