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Prostitution Flourishes In Davos As World Economic Forum 2023 Resorts Inn

Prostitution at World Economic Forum 2023

The World Economic Forum conducted yearly is a global forum for elites that resorts in Davos, Switzerland. The WEF meets every year in Davos to consider new policies to manage the global economy. And with that, this time of the year when the demand for the world’s oldest profession sees a spike in the Swiss Alpine town of Davos.

World Economic Forum 2023

Image Courtesy: Bloomberg

Many sex workers reportedly travel to Davos specifically for the annual World Economic Forum, seeing it as a prime opportunity to make money. Ahead of the meeting, the managing director of an escort service based about two hours away said they had 11 reservations and 25 inquiries for the upcoming week, Swiss newspaper 20 Minutes reported.

What Is The Forum All About?

The annual WEF Summit, Davos is attended by people in power positions such as prime ministers and presidents, high-ranking officials, academicians, and top media and businessmen, including those belonging to the world’s richest and most controversial organizations, such as BlackRock, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Google. A heads up, Elon Musk wasn’t invited to the forum this time!

About 2,700 people are attending the meeting this week, including 11 members of Congress and FBI Director Christopher Wray. The Davos meeting has long been male-dominated, with the number of female attendees usually hovering around 20%.

The list of attendees:

Sex Forum At The World Economic Forum?

In 2020, an investigation by The Times found at least 100 sex workers travel to Davos for the summit according to a Swiss police officer.

The escorts are booked and check in to the same hotel as the delegates while DailyMail quoted one sex worker as saying that many make bookings to party at their suites with their employees.

Prostitution at WEF

Image Courtesy: BBC

What Did The Sex Workers Say?

Salomé Balthus, a German sex worker and writer, took to Twitter on Monday to describe her experience

Swiss news outlet 20 Minuten reported citing a manager of a sex worker agency in Aargau, located 100 miles (161 km approximately) away from the summit, that they received “11 reservations and 25 inquires” last week.

She revealed that they are requested for a wide range of services such as escorting people from dinner to sexual services.

One worker, who dresses in business attire to blend in, charges around $760) for an hour and $2,500 for the whole night, plus travel expenses, Dailymail reported.

While a woman claimed, “WEF is the worst because they’re among their privileged friends. It’s safer here for them to be inappropriate than anywhere else in the world. That’s the reality,”

Unsafe For First-Time Female Visitors

First-time female Davos attendees were also reportedly warned not to go out alone after dark due to “routin[e]” sexual harassment by “wealthy men.”

“Because if something happens with some big CEO, who is going to be believed? You or them?” one WEF official told.

WEF’s Warning

A WEF spokesman said the organization had a “zero-tolerance policy” toward harassment during the Davos meeting and the WEF “was not responsible for the conduct of official delegates away from the Congress Centre.”

While this may sound absurd to many, it should be noted that Prostitution is legal in Switzerland.



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