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Pandit Dhirendra Shashtri: The Swami Who Was Trolled Recently For Speaking With Ravan On A Call


Recently, a Twitter handle which goes by the name Tribal Army (@TribalArmy) shared a video which shows Pandit Dhirendra Shashtri telling his followers that he spoke with Ravan (the demon-king of Sri Lanka from the Hindu epic Ramayan). In their tweet, Tribal Army states that the Swami did not reveal Ravan’s number as it will expose his lies and hypocrisies.

Here’s the tweet:


But who is this swami and why is he famous in his city? Let’s look at his history and what Twitter has to say.

Who is Pandit Dhirendra Shashtri?

Pandit Dhirendra Shashtri is a native of the Gada village of Chhatarpur district in Madhya Pradesh. He is an immensely popular personality in both India and abroad. He began his career as a swami when he began narrating Ram Katha. Pandit Dhirendra Shashtri gradually began a ‘Divine Court’ where he used to call out people by their name, their problems and their solution.

Pandit Dhirendra Shastri

Pandit Dhirendra Krishan Shastri
Image Source: Jansatta

He was born on 4th July 1996 in Gada, a village in the Chhatarpur district. He belonged to a poor family and completed his schooling till 8th grade. He began walking 5 km to reach Ganj for his studies and after completing his 12th grade, he achieved a BA degree. According to reports, he started worshipping and serving Lord Hanuman and learnt the Ramayan and Baghavad Gita with help of his grandfather, Baghwandas Garg.

The Baghavad Geeta Image Source Patrika

The Baghavad Geeta
Image Source: Patrika

People began posting his videos of his court on social media and he soon became popular. He goes from place to place to narrate Ram Katha and inspires people to worship Lord Hanuman. Pandit Dhirendra Shashtri is not only popular in his native village, but also abroad. He went to the UK to narrate Ram Katha in front of British Parliamentarians and the local Indian Community.

Being Hnoured In England Image Source Patrika

Being Honored In The UK
Image Source: Patrika

His Controversies:

While seems to have a clean image, he has been embroiled in controversies. When Hindu processions during Ram Navami were pelted, he asked the Hindus to unite as disunited Hindus would suffer immensely. He further asked the Hindus to bulldoze the houses of the stone pelters.

What Twitter Has To Say?


What do you think of this? Do let us know in the comments!

References: Webdunia (Hindi)

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