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Remember The Man Who Found Sisters Through Tinder? Well Turns Out, It Was Fake!


Several reputed news websites had reported that a man used Tinder to find sisters for Raksha Bandhan. The man who goes by the username u/NotAKindGuyAnymore had made a post which said, “I have felt the FOMO for most of my life during Rakshabandhan as I do not have any sister. No one to tie me Rakhi and me gifting them stuff. Anyways, for the last 2 years I have been putting the bio as follows for 2 weeks before Rakshabandhan: “Looking for a sister to hang out during Rakshabandhan”.”

He further added, “Thanks to tinder, now I have like two sisters both of whom I met on tinder. This year all 3 of us are planning to get together and celebrate Rakshabandhan and exchange gifts and stuff. I’m so excited.”

Here is the original post:

Tinder during Rakshabandhan? from mumbai


The post was well received and upvoted more than 500 times, the post was picked by several major news websites and it went viral.

However, in a shocking revelation made by the user, he states that it was all fake and he wanted just wanted to make something so ridiculous and believable. While his goal was to get the attention of r/mumbai, he did not expect major news websites to pick it up.

He further stated that he received several requests for interviews and attached the screenshot to prove it. While he disagreed to do it, he enjoyed the attention that he had received.

Here is the updated post:

Tinder Rakshabandhan – How I fooled ze Internet? from mumbai


And let’s look at what Reddit has to say about it!


Through this, it becomes apparent that not everything on social media is believable, no matter how good or true the story may sound. Like ex-president, Ronald Regan said, “Trust but verify” aptly applies here.

References: NDTV and Reddit

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