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Hyderabad Ragging Case: Here’s All You Need To Know The Attack On The First Year Law Student!

Image Source: Republic World

A group of at least ten students from a prestigious business school on Hyderabad‘s outskirts have been charged with attempted murder after a video of them attacking and ragging a fellow student, Himank Bansal, went viral on social media on Friday. Even though the crime happened on November 1, police said they received a complaint on Friday evening.

The suspects were also charged with attempted murder. The victim, Himank Bansal, reported to the authorities that the group had entered his room and ragged, abused, and sexually attacked him. The incident was also videotaped and shared on social media by the accused. “Beat him till he dies,” an accused can be heard shouting.


A group of students can be seen beating up and threatening Himank Bansal inside a hostel room in the footage, which has gone viral on social media. Following the incident, Himank Bansal filed a police report with Shankarpally Police Station, Hyderabad, outlining the events leading up to the assault and ragging.

The Events That Led To The Assault

In a letter to IBS Hyderabad university officials, he said that on November 1, the group barged into his room and began beating and assaulting him. The victim, Himank Bansal, can be seen in the video chanting chants such as “Jai Mata Di” and “Allahu Akbar,” as the other person queries him about why he is racist. As he attempts to rag and assault Himank, the accused pins him to the bed and asks others to hold his hand.


Letter of Complaint
Image Source: OPIndia


In his complaint, Bansal stated that one of his first-year BA-LLB classmates from IBS Hyderabad, Dipasha Sharma, labelled him a paedophile for being friendly with a girl three and a half years his junior.

When Bansal tried to defend himself by saying he didn’t want any sexual relations with her and citing references from Islamic scriptures to explain why he was not wrong, the girl reportedly shared the message with the accused, whom he referred to as “followers of Muhammad,” who thrashed and ragged him over the same.


Letter of Complaint
Image Source: OPIndia

Himank mentioned in his letter to the college administration that he was unaware that his statements would be seen as denigrating Islam. In his defence, Himank further asserted that Zakir Naik, an Islamic expert, verified the same by referencing hadith. Himank went on to say that citing the prophet’s example was a mistake. He said he “couldn’t find a better example of a paedophile” then.

Action Taken In The Hyderabad Ragging Case

In the FIR filed, the victim states, “On November 1, around 3.30 a.m he was physically and sexually harassed by 15–20 individuals (approx) on college campus premises in his allotted hostel room. They pushed and ragged him by punching him on face, slapping him, kicking him on the abdominal areas, touched his private parts and forced him to eat certain chemicals and powders.”

Aside from the name of his friend, whom he accuses of invading his privacy by exposing his conversations, he claims in the FIR that one student, Reva (3rd Year BBA Student, IBS Hyderabad), attempted to insert his private parts into his mouth.


Along with the complaint, Bansal provided police with video and picture evidence of the incident. Following his complaint, the Cyberabad Police shared that a case was registered on November 11 2022, by Shankarpally Police Station against the culprits under the provisions of 307, 342, 450, 323, 506, R/W 149, IPC, and Sec 4(I),(II), and (III) of the Prohibition of Ragging Act of 2011.

Further action is being taken in the case by the police. The institute has also initiated action against the students involved in the assault and ragging of Himank Bansal.

Here’s What Twitter Has To Say About The Incident!


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