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Hanuman Jayanti: Most Important Hanuman Temples In Karnataka With Mysterious Stories

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Happy Hanuman Jayanti! An important character from the Ramayana, Hanuman is a special Hindu god in Karnataka. The monkey god has got several abodes in the state, which have historical significance. Many of these temples have been built by Gurus. 

Here are the most important Hanuman temples in Karnataka


  • Korwaresha Temple

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Korwaresha Temple. Credits – Meterosaga

This temple is located in Korwar, Vijayapura district. The legend carries that lord Kowaresh instructed Sri 1008 Sri Vadiraj Teerth to build the temple in 1535. Special pooja is held at the temple on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti each year. The deity attracts thousands of followers each year. 

  • Kantesha Temple

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Kantesha Temple. Credits – One Karnataka

Located in a village named Kadaramandalagi, this temple has a very strong figure of a hanuman who looks mighty and extremely bright. The god is referred to as Kantesha, which means brightness. 

The story of Hanuman mistaking the sun as a fruit and trying to eat it is quite famous. It is believed that Hanuman was in this town when the episode unfolded. 

  • Bhrantesha Temple

Bhrantesha (Anjaneya) Temple of Shikaripura

Bhrantesha Temple. Credits – Technophilo

Bhrantesha Temple is a major tourist attraction for the town of Shikaripura. Located in the Shimoga district, the temple is also referred to as Hucharaya Swamy Temple. Hanuman Jayanthi is an important day in the calendar of this village, as a chariot festival is celebrated. Reports suggest that over three lakh people visit the temple during the time of this festival. 

  • Shantesha Temple

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Shantesha Temple.

Located in the Haveri district, in a village named Satenhalli, this temple is known as Shantesha. It is believed that the idol of Hanuman in this temple has saligrama borne on his head, to spread the values of Madhwa philosophy. 

The structure of this unique temple is a major attraction for the devotees. 

  • Yantrodharaka Hanumantha Temple

Yantrodharaka Hanuman Temple - Ruins of Hampi - Attraction 5 - Nativeplanet

Yantrodharaka Hanumantha Temple. Credits – Native Planet

This temple is located in the historical place of Hampi. The temple is located at a top hill, inside a cave. The temple is considered to be over 500 years old. The Hanuman idol in the temple is one of the Dwaita Philosophers.

It is believed that Lord Vyasaraja would draw a picture of lord Hanuman on the rocks of this temple and offer his prayers to the same. It is also considered to be the place where Lord Rama and Hanuman met for the first time.

  • Yalagureshwera Temple

This Hanuman Temple in Yalagur Of Karnataka Is Extremely Powerful Whose History Dates Back To Ages - MetroSaga

Yalagureshwera Temple. Credits – Meterosaga

The Hanuman in this temple is referred to as the ‘Speaking Hanumantha’, and ‘Yalagur Hanumappa’. Located in the Vijayapura district, this temple is considered to be very powerful. It is also said that the idol in this temple emerged by itself. 

Several age-old rituals are followed in this temple. Yalagureshwera temple is one of the most famous temples of lord Hanuman in India. 

  • Anjaneya Swamy Temple

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Anjaneya Swamy Temple. Credits – Aarti


Located in the Mandya district, this temple is one of the most spiritual centers in the country. The temple was built by the Madhwa gurus.

The most interesting thing about the temple is the structure of the idol. Lord Hanuman can be seen pointing his two fingers signifying Dvaita preaching of Madhwacharya


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