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BJP MP Wants The Word ‘India’ To Be Removed From The Constitution

Image Source: ETV Bharat

Naresh Bansal, a Rajya Sabha MP of the BJP, sparked debate on Friday by saying that the Constitution should be changed to remove the name “India” from it since it symbolises “colonial slavery.”

The BJP has launched a vicious onslaught against the newly formed opposition group INDIA (Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance), often claiming that the term “India” is a remnant from colonial times.


However, several Congress politicians swiftly noted that despite the BJP’s seeming insistence on eradicating all traces of colonialism, the Centre continued to use the name India in its important programs and initiatives like Make in India, Start-Up India, and New India.

A Colonial Legacy?

During the Rajya Sabha proceeding on Friday, Bansal said: “The British changed Bharat’s name to India. Under Article 1, the Constitution states: ‘India, that is Bharat’. Our country has been known by the name ‘Bharat’ for thousands of years … it is this country’s ancient name and is found in ancient Sanskrit texts. The name ‘India’ was given by the colonial Raj and thus symbolised slavery. The name India should be removed from the Constitution.”


Image Source: PRS Legislative Research

The BJP MP pointed out that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced from the Red Fort’s ramparts on August 15 last year that all reminders of colonialism should be removed.

He said, “I propose that under Amrit Kaal of Independence, we change the beginning of Article 1 to simply Bharat and remove the name ‘India’.”

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 Bharat vs India

On July 27, PM Modi attacked INDIA, a recently formed opposition group, saying that Mahatma Gandhi’s “Quit India” fight against the British was still necessary to build a successful nation and eliminate corruption, dynastic politics, and appeasement. “With the label of INDIA, they want to cover up their old deeds. Had they cared about India, would they have asked foreigners to interfere in India?” he said, possibly setting the tone for the next general elections and the assembly polls in Rajasthan later this year.

One of the first to bring out the colonial history of the name “India,” senior BJP leader and Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma swiftly changed his Twitter bio to read “Chief Minister of Assam, Bharat” — rather than “India.”


He also claimed that India and Pakistan would face off in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

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