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Bengaluru: Netizens See A Mystery Door In The Sky; Here’s What It Could Be

Image Source: Oneindia Kannada

Bengaluru occasionally exhibits unusual occurrences, such as sporadic electric shocks and mysterious light sources. A similar incident occurred over the weekend when a strange shadow that formed in the sky left the people of Bengaluru baffled.

Aditi Sengar, a resident of Bengaluru, captured the weird glowing box-like shape on camera on Saturday night close to the Hebbal flyover. As Aditi’s video gained popularity, several Twitter users said they had also seen this strange event.


Nearly 50,000 people have watched the video, and hundreds have commented on it, many of whom are curious about the shadowy object that seems like a door. Netizens examined every possibility, from calling it a doorway to paradise and a portal to another universe to hypothesising it might be the product of spotlight projection.

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According to several users, it might be an optical illusion, with the shadow likely coming from a distant high-rise building. “The clouds normally come down low at night due to decreasing temp during rainy days. Light is visible around the building through low-lying clouds,” a Twitter user wrote.

So what is the mystery door?

However, one of the more likely theories was that it might be a “Brocken Spectre.” A Brocken spectre is the magnified shadow of an observer cast in midair upon any kind of cloud opposite a strong light source. It is also known as the Brocken bow, mountain spectre, or spectre of the Brocken.


An Example of Brocken Spectre
Image Source: BBC

Other regions of the world have also previously recorded such instances. A mystery rectangular light emerged from the clouds in Shandong, China, back in 2017 in an uncannily identical appearance.

Another Twitterati replied to the viral video saying they had witnessed something like this in Manila, Philippines and assumed they were just big city lights or strobe lights from some big party.

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