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10 Unknown Facts About IPL

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IPL is the Biggest Franchise Cricket Leagues in the world, Here are 10 unheard facts about IPL.

IPL 2024 Points - Crictoday

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Environmental Initiative: In 2010, the IPL initiated ‘Green Matches’ to mitigate environmental impact. Through eco-friendly materials and energy-saving measures in stadiums, the league aimed to reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainability, setting a precedent for eco-conscious sports events globally.


Hawkeye Technology: IPL’s adaptation of Hawkeye technology, a derivative of the Decision Review System (DRS), revolutionized umpiring. By tracking ball trajectories and aiding in LBW decisions, this innovation enhanced the accuracy and fairness of umpiring decisions, elevating the league’s standards of officiating.

Best & Worst: Broadcast Innovations – From Hawk-Eye To A Roving Nasser

Source: Wisden

Pink Ball Experiment: The IPL’s 2016 exhibition match featuring a pink ball was a pivotal step towards embracing day-night Test cricket in India. This trial paved the way for the inaugural day-night Test in 2019, expanding the possibilities for cricket scheduling and fan engagement in the country.


Foreign Coaches: In addition to star players, IPL teams have benefited from the expertise of foreign coaches. These seasoned professionals contribute invaluable insights, mentoring players and devising strategic approaches to the game, enriching the league’s competitive dynamics and nurturing talent development.


Cricketainment: Beyond cricketing action, IPL matches offer captivating entertainment segments. From live music performances to interactive games, these interludes during match breaks captivate audiences, blending sports with entertainment and creating a holistic and engaging spectator experience.

IPL cheerleaders' earnings per match may surprise you | Mint

Source: Mint

Charitable Initiatives: Many IPL franchises actively participate in charitable endeavors, extending their impact beyond the cricket field. Through initiatives like charity auctions and fundraisers, teams leverage their influence to support various social causes, contributing positively to communities and fostering goodwill among fans.


Travel Logistics: Managing the complex travel schedules of IPL teams presents logistical challenges. With back-to-back matches across different cities, meticulous planning is essential to ensure player well-being and optimal performance, highlighting the rigorous organizational efforts behind the seamless execution of the tournament.


Diversity in Players: The IPL serves as a melting pot of cricketing talent from diverse backgrounds. Players hailing from various cultures and cricketing traditions converge in the league, fostering cross-cultural exchange and camaraderie, and enriching the sporting landscape with their unique skills and perspectives.


Fan Engagement: IPL franchises prioritize fan engagement through various channels. From interactive social media interactions to fan club events and contests, teams actively involve supporters, fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty, and strengthening the bond between teams and their passionate fan base.


Innovative Marketing: IPL franchises leverage innovative marketing strategies to enhance their brand visibility and fan engagement. Through digital media campaigns, merchandise launches, and strategic partnerships, teams amplify their presence, connecting with fans on a global scale and enriching the IPL experience.

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