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Zameer Ahmed Khan Announces New Slew Of Measures For The Minority


Karnataka’s Housing and Minorities Welfare Minister, Zameer Ahmed Khan, has revealed the government’s contemplation of a significant enhancement in the loan quantum provided to deserving minority students. The proposed increase would raise the financial assistance from three lakh to five lakh rupees, marking a potentially transformative step towards empowering meritorious individuals within minority communities.


Source: Hindustan Times

During the event where well-thought-out plans for the year 2023-24 were presented by the KMDC (a special organization), Zameer Ahmed Khan, the respected Minister of Housing and Minorities Welfare, shared a significant announcement. Khan clarified how the KMDC program operates currently. Students who are admitted to MBBS programs in government colleges receive a loan of ₹3 lakh. Khan mentioned that they want to improve this for students with limited funds. They are considering increasing the loan amount to ₹5 lakh instead of ₹3 lakh. This increase will be beneficial for students who struggle financially to afford their education. It will enhance their aspirations for higher education and provide them with better financial support.

Additionally, Zameer Ahmed Khan underscored the inclusive nature of these advancements by addressing the needs of minority students pursuing education abroad. Currently, minority students enrolled in recognized foreign universities for undergraduate and postgraduate studies are eligible for an education loan of ₹20 lakh, a provision facilitated through the KMDC.


Source: ABP News

Khan articulated the government’s contemplation of elevating this financial aid threshold to ₹30 lakh in collaboration with the KMDC. Notably, he pointed out a noteworthy administrative milestone, highlighting that the state’s access to the National Minority Development Board schemes had been momentarily interrupted over the past three years. However, with persistent efforts, this challenge was overcome, resulting in the revival of an annual grant of ₹50 crore. This demonstrates a renewed commitment to backing educational projects for minority groups.

During a special occasion where important improvements in the well-being of minorities were celebrated, the Minister in charge of helping minorities introduced three important new plans. These plans include:

-A program that gives people who don’t have jobs money (subsidy) to help them buy cars. They will get ₹3 lakh for this.

-A big effort called “Shrama Shakti” that helps people learn new skills so they can find good jobs.

-A scheme that gives money (loan) of ₹50,000 to women whose husbands have passed away, who are not married, or who have gotten divorced. 


Source: The South First

The inauguration ceremony was graced by the presence of eminent individuals, including the Minorities Welfare Department Secretary, Manoj Jain, Director Jilani Mokashi, and KMDC Managing Director Mohammed Nasir, underscoring the collective commitment towards fostering empowerment and inclusivity within minority communities.

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