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Why France Has Been Engulfed By Protest Again?

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France has been engulfed in violent protests. The timeline has seemed to confuse people around the globe as to why this is happening and what precisely was the turn of events. Here is a clear explainer and timeline of the events that have happened in France.


The French Riots and Canada - The Bullet

Source: Socialist Project









The memories of the 2005 riots, which led to the imposition of a state of emergency, have resurfaced, where two boys tragically lost their lives while attempting to evade the police and seek refuge in a power substation. 

His last words to me were "I love you, mum"', says mother of teen shot by  French police | Daily Mail Online

Source: Daily Mail

Following the highly controversial pension reform protests that shook the nation. Nahel, a young boy of Algerian heritage was fatally shot by the French police under allegations of not possessing a driver’s license. 

The incident has fueled the existing grievances within the country, triggering renewed public outrage and calls for justice. Cars and public buildings have been set ablaze, creating an atmosphere of chaos. Violent clashes have ensued between enraged protestors and the police, resulting in injuries on both sides.  The ongoing protests reveal a staggering number of over a thousand arrests, with approximately 79 police and 2,560 fires recorded on public roads.

French President Emmanuel Macron has made a plea for calm, stating the death of Nahel as an “unforgivable and inexplicable” tragedy. He firmly expressed on Twitter that acts of violence targeting police stations, schools, town halls, or any institution representing the Republic are unjustifiable. He also emphasized the need to identify and hold accountable those responsible for spreading triggering messages and sensitive footage of rioting. 

Riots in Paris: French cops set on FIRE by protestors hurling Molotov  cocktails as anarchy erupts in France | The Sun

Source: The Sun

Recent statistics from the French interior ministry indicate that 994 individuals categorized as “rioters” were arrested on Friday night alone. Moreover, to contain the situation, France has deployed a considerable force of around 45,000 police personnel to restore order during this volatile environment. At present the escalating situation is expected to increase the deployment of police forces to address the unrest.

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