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Who is Varthur Santhosh ?


Varthur Santhosh, a prominent figure in the Kannada community, found himself in the spotlight for an unexpected reason. On Sunday night, the forest department arrested him during the filming of the Bigg Boss Kannada Season 10, accusing him of sporting a genuine tiger claw pendant. Following an examination, officials promptly placed him in 14 days of judicial custody for violating the Wildlife (Protection) Act of 1972, which strictly prohibits the wearing or display of animal parts. Ravindrakumar, the Bengaluru Urban Deputy Conservator of Forests, confirmed the authenticity of the pendant, leading to the swift action against Santhosh.

Kannada Bigg Boss contestant Varthur Santhosh arrested for wearing tiger claw pendant | Bengaluru News -

Source: News9live

Tiger Claw Pendant Incident:

Varthur Santhosh’s unexpected arrest took place on the set of Bigg Boss Kannada season 10. The forest department acted swiftly after they were alerted to the presence of a tiger claw pendant worn by Santhosh during the reality show. Post-examination, it was confirmed that the pendant did, indeed, contain real tiger claws. As a consequence, he was sent to 14 days of judicial custody for violating the Wildlife (Protection) Act of 1972, which explicitly prohibits the wearing or displaying of animal organs or parts, classifying it as a punishable offense.

Bigg Boss: Contestant Arrested Inside The House!

Source: Gulte

Who is Varthur Santhosh:

Varthur Santhosh, who is also known as ‘Hallikar Odeya’, has made a name for himself in the world of farming. He has gained popularity for his involvement in rearing the Hallikar breed of cattle and his cattle trading business based in Bengaluru’s Varthur. Apart from his work with cattle, Santhosh is an esteemed figure in the Kannada community, holding the position of chairman at the Hallikar Cattle Breed and All India Hallikar Breed Conservation Committee.

Not limited to his cattle-related endeavors, Santhosh is also known for his commitment to the welfare of cows, reflecting his dedication to the betterment of animal lives. Additionally, he has ventured into the real estate business, showcasing his diverse interests and expertise.

Bigg Boss Kannada 10's Varthur Santhosh Arrested Mid-Show For Wearing A 'Tiger Claw' Locket

Source: IndiaTimes

Social Media Stardom:

Varthur Santhosh’s rise to prominence reached a new height when several of his videos went viral on social media platforms. With over 16,000 followers on Instagram, he quickly became a social media sensation, captivating a large and diverse audience.

Santhosh’s journey into the Bigg Boss Kannada house as a participant for the 10th season of the reality show marked a significant turning point in his life. However, his arrest for wearing the tiger claw pendant has brought him into the spotlight for an entirely different reason.

Bigg Boss Kannada 10 contestant Varthur Santhosh को घर में घुस पुलिस ने किया Arrest, नेकलेस बना वजह - video

Source: Dailymotion

Legal Implications:

The arrest of Varthur Santhosh for wearing a tiger claw pendant during his participation in Bigg Boss Kannada season 10 has sparked discussions about the legal consequences of possessing animal parts. The Wildlife (Protection) Act of 1972 clearly designates wearing or displaying such parts as a punishable offense, emphasizing the importance of protecting wildlife and preventing the trade of animal-derived materials.

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