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Fact Check: Was Savarkar Patronized By Indira Gandhi?

Image Source: The Indian Express

Rahul Gandhi, a Congress MP, has stirred yet another controversy by asserting that VD Savarkar was an ally of the British and that this was his true identity. Several ruling party politicians have attacked Rahul Gandhi for his comments, but Gandhi has remained firm in his stance.

The Claims:

During a show on Kannada Prime Time, it was claimed that Veer Savarkar was patronized by Rahul Gandhi’s grandmother and former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. It was claimed that she released a stamp and created a documentary to honour him.

However, is this really true? NewsHamster does a fact-check to verify these claims!

Fact Check:

In 2019, Rahul Gandhi criticized and made negative comments about Veer Savarkar. His comments stirred significant controversy in the country, and the BJP sought an apology from him for his comments. However, he was put into a tough spot as Indira Gandhi had written a letter praising him when she was the Prime Minister.

Here is the letter:

Image Source: Quora

What about the other claims? Well, they are true! According to News18, the former Prime Minister praised Veer Savarkar and did much more to honour him. News18 reported that Indira Gandhi had condoled Veer Savarkar’s death. Moreover, she ordered a stamp to be issued in his honour after his death in 1966.

Furthermore, she had instructed the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Ministry to create a documentary on his life. It was further reported that she gave a personal grant of Rs11,000 (Rs 5 lakhs today) to the Savarkar Memorial in Mumbai.


NewsHamster strives to bring you the truth! Do not believe or forward any news without fact-checking with us!

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