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Was PM Modi’s Ambulance Halt Staged? Netizens Say So

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A viral video shows Prime Minister Modi’s convoy stopping for an ambulance to pass. PM Modi is in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, where he is rallying for the party’s Assembly campaign due November 13.

PM Modi stops convoy to make way for ambulance in Himachal |

Credits – ANI

ANI posted a video that shows the PM waiting for the ambulance to pass. As soon as the ambulance passes the VVIP security personnel are seen clearing the road for the VVIP convoy. The video also shows PM Modi waving at the supporters.

Was it Planned?

While netizens are praising the Prime Minister for setting an example by stopping himself, many have also started questioning the entire act. As is seen in the video, the camera captures the entry of the ambulance, shows its movement from PM Modi’s car, and also shows the exit from another angle. The ‘multi-camera’ effect made people question the motive of this act, as many have started calling it a staged activity.


A Twitter account named Nageshwar Rao highlighted the details to shed light on the alleged staged nature of the video. “Modi takes a right turn from the crowd, the ambulance moves towards the crowd, then Modi can see the ambulance passing through from his front side – the ambulance should be behind him! Then it is Modi and BJP.” read the Tweet.

This is the second time that PM Modi has stopped his convoy for an ambulance. During his visit to Gujarat in October, the Prime Minister’s convoy had stopped to let an ambulance pass. The Prime Minister was travelling from Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar. A video of the same is available online.
Another Twitter account has highlighted a detail from the viral video. A Handle named JumlaBaba2014 posted a snapshot from the video, showing the back side of the ambulance, which has ‘Seva Bharti’ written on it.


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