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‘Vin Diesel’ In ‘Avatar 2’? Come, Let’s Find It Out…

Avatar FI

James Cameron’s Avatar 2 has been in the talks for quite a while. After the immense success of the first installation of the film in 2009, and with the return of the veteran director James Cameron, Avatar 2 was a treat for the fans. We have witnessed sequels either hitting it off the park or going downhill, and Avatar 2 did not disappoint. The early reception of the movie translates to the success of the film. While there were several spoilers making rounds, one of them was the addition of Vin Diesel in the film which got the fans thrilled.

Vin Diesel in Avatar 2?

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You might be wondering, which character did Vin Diesel play? In James Cameron’s Avatar, Corporal Lyle Wainfleet is alongside Quaritch as part of the RDA’s security force and serves in their war against the Na’vi. In Avatar Wainfleet was played by actor Matt Gerald. It is speculated that in Avatar 2, this character is played by Vin Diesel. Though this ain’t the case, James Cameron has retained most of the actors from the first installation and Matt Gerald is one of them.

Vin Diesel and Matt Gerald

Stills of Matt Gerald (Left) and Vin Diesel (Right), Image Courtesy: Screenrant

The speculation arose due to the character of Lyle Wainfleet, who was in human form in the first installation of Avatar, this time he portrays Wainfleet in an Avatar form, with the RDA security force returning as Recombinants to finish what they started in the first Avatar. Due to the resemblance of the character to Vin Diesel, one could be easily lured into confusion that Vin Diesel played the character of Lyle Wainfleet. One would wonder if the plot of Avatar 2 laying emphasis on the family and the addition of the family man “Vin Diesel” would be a perfect combination to the film’s appeal! But that is clearly not the case in this film.

Vin Diesel’s potential appearance in the future installations of Avatar?

Vin Diesel being part of Avatar 2 is not just because of the similarity between the two: Matt Gerald and Vin Diesel. The actor Vin Diesel and the director James Cameron have been teasing the former’s role in an Avatar sequel for a while, which may have led many to believe the actor would appear in Avatar 2. Have a look at this tweet…

In 2019, Vin Diesel shared a video on social media where he and James Cameron are on the sets of Avatar as stated by the director James Cameron, confirming the addition of Vin Diesel to the Avatar Universe. Though it’s unclear which sequel of Avatar will Vin Diesel feature in but it does keep the fans excited for future installations of Avatar.





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