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Video Of Making Dosa Goes Viral | Broom Used To Clean The Pan

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Dosa, a beloved dish across the country, is now at the center of a social media storm due to a behind-the-scenes video showcasing an unconventional dosa-making process. The video, which has garnered mixed reactions, captures a man preparing dosas from scratch on a sizable tawa in an open kitchen. As hungry customers eagerly await their orders, the dosa-making takes a surprising turn that has left viewers divided.

Why Do Eateries Use Brooms To Make Dosas? Viral Video From Bengaluru Eatery  Sparks Curiosity

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In the viral video, a skilled dosa maker takes center stage as he prepares the popular snack on a massive tawa in a restaurant’s open kitchen. The process starts with the man spraying water on the hot tawa, followed by an unconventional move—using a broom to sweep it clean. The innovative approach raises eyebrows and has sparked a debate on social media about the hygiene standards and food safety implications of such a method.

Undeterred by the unorthodox tawa preparation, the dosa expert proceeds to display his multitasking skills by simultaneously preparing 12 dosas on the large tawa. Adding a generous amount of ghee to each dosa, he finishes off the dish with a flavorful filling and a sprinkle of red powder.

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However, what has triggered viewers’ concerns and criticisms is the use of a broom in the dosa-making process. Many argue that this method may compromise hygiene standards, potentially raising red flags about the overall safety of the food prepared in such a manner. The internet, known for its candid and often critical nature, has not held back in expressing reservations about this unconventional dosa-making technique.

While some viewers appreciate the dosa maker’s efficiency and innovative approach to mass production, others express discomfort and worry about the potential risks associated with using a broom in a kitchen setting. The video has become a focal point for discussions on food safety practices, with netizens emphasizing the importance of maintaining strict hygiene standards, especially in the food industry.

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