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Veerappan: Where Are His Daughters Today? Explained

Image Source: The Cinemaholic

The Hunt for Veerappan, a Netflix documentary series, thoroughly investigates the elephant poacher and smuggler Veerappan, who managed to elude the law and rise to a near-legendary reputation in India.

His narrative has been the focus of numerous films and documentaries in the past. Still, this four-part documentary thoroughly examines the tale, covering many facets of the protracted and complex case.


Image Source: Mint

Veerappan married his wife, Muthulakshmi and had three daughters with her. But where is his daughter Prabha Vijayalakshmi? Scroll to find out.

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Who is Prabha Vijayalakshmi?

There is little known about Prabha, but it makes sense that she might want to stay out of the spotlight and the public eye as the offspring of such a well-known and contentious figure.

When Prabha’s father eventually met his demise, she was eleven years old, and because of the circumstances surrounding him, she would never fully know him.


Prabha Vijayalakshmi
Image Source: News Bugz

It’s possible that by not having a relationship with her father, she avoided becoming the target of continual police scrutiny, giving herself more time to study and live everyday life.

What does she and her sister do for a living?

Vidyha, Prabha’s sister, appears to have majored in law and earned a law degree. She adopted community-based action incentives, perhaps influenced by her mother’s work, and rose to vice president of the BJP’s Tamil Nadu Youth Wing.


Vidhya Rani
Image Source: Wikibio

She would later run a school in the Krishnagiri area in addition to this. The time of the documentary’s publication makes it important to note that the determined Vidhya would get a part in a movie. The movie’s producer and director is KNR Raja, and it explores the impacts of alcoholism and how it affects families. Maaveeran Pillai is a Tamil-language movie that will also have a Kannada dub.

Although her mother objected to the intercaste relationships, it is believed that Vidhya is now married to a Christian Dalit man. However, there are no trustworthy sources that can offer details on Prabha.

Who was his third daughter?

There are different accounts of a third daughter who died, and the terrifying tale claims that one of Veerappan’s daughters would be murdered to stop the child’s cries from alerting authorities to the gang’s whereabouts. The awful moment when the choice was made to kill the youngster to prevent the gang’s hideout from being discovered by armed police is described in detail in an article in The News Minute.


Image Source: OnManorama

Depending on the source you listen this may or may not be true. The book Veerappan: Chasing the Brigand by K Vijay Kumar is mentioned in the article. It is a horrifying aspect of the tale that some people think is accurate.

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