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Unacademy Educator Axed Over Candidate Advocacy


In a recent development, Delhi’s Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, has raised questions regarding ed-tech giant Unacademy’s choice to dismiss a tutor from their platform. The tutor’s dismissal came in the wake of encouraging students to support “educated candidates” during electoral processes. This incident has sparked a significant debate about the intersection of education and political participation.


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The recent dismissal of Karan Sangwan from Unacademy has ignited a debate around the boundary between personal opinions and educational discourse. Sangwan, in the course of a lecture, advocated for voters to choose educated candidates over those lacking in literacy, without taking any names. Unacademy’s decision to terminate his employment was rooted in their policy against instructors sharing personal viewpoints in the classroom, citing concerns about potential disruptions to the learning process.


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Chief Minister Kejriwal, however, has questioned the grounds for Sangwan’s dismissal. On Twitter, Kejriwal expressed his perspective on the matter, asserting that encouraging educated individuals to vote should not be considered a transgression. He emphasized that while personal respect is extended to all individuals, the role of public representatives demands a certain level of literacy, especially in an era defined by scientific and technological advancements. 


Source: Times Now

Mr. Sangwan has addressed the ongoing situation, expressing his concern over the viral video that has got him into the midst of a controversy. He emphasized the far-reaching impact of this controversy, revealing that his numerous students, diligently preparing for crucial judicial services examinations, have found themselves unsettling with its consequences. This shared plight extends to Mr. Sangwan himself, who now faces the issues of these unfolding events.

Unacademy’s co-founder, Roman Saini, provided insight into the company’s decision to terminate Mr. Sangwan’s employment. Saini made it clear that the tutor’s behavior violated the contractual duties he had undertaken, particularly those related to upholding an unbiased position within the classroom.As a result of this violation, Unacademy was compelled to end its association with Mr. Sangwan. This occurrence highlights the intricate balance that educational technology platforms must maintain between promoting teaching independence and adhering to institutional regulations.

Many teachers and regular people criticized the firing of Mr. Sangwan. The hashtag “#UninstallUnacademy” became popular on Twitter.


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