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Post Tweet Backlash , Prakash Raj Clarifies Chandrayaan-3 Joke

Prakash Raj

Popular actor Prakash Raj caused a big argument on Twitter. He shared a funny picture that made fun of India’s Moon Mission. People on Twitter got really mad at him because they thought he was being mean to the important scientific mission and was acting without thinking.

 Prakash raj

Source: Lokmat

Full Story: 

Social media erupted in criticism aimed at actor Prakash Raj, following a tweet that seemed to make fun of India’s ambitious moon mission, Chandrayaan-3. The actor, whose name quickly climbed the trending charts on Twitter, posted a cartoon depicting a man dressed in a vest and lungi, pouring tea, along with the caption “First picture coming from the Moon by #VikramLander”. This post drew rapid condemnation from users who believed that the content stemmed from a strong negative sentiment towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing Raj of exhibiting what they referred to as “blind hatred”.

Prakash Raj

Source: Kerala K

On August 20th, the actor chose to express his viewpoint on Twitter, making a pointed remark directed at Vikram Lander, accompanied by a cartoon illustration. A substantial number of individuals perceived this post as a manifestation of his intense aversion towards the BJP party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

 Prakash Raj

Source: Business Today

Following the rapid spread of his tweet, a wave of Twitter users took it upon themselves to educate the actor about the significance of the scientists’ dedicated efforts. They used the platform to emphasize that Chandrayaan 3 stands as a source of pride for the nation, rather than a means for venting what they characterized as his ‘blind hatred’. Prakash Raj, known for his vocal criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), remains steadfast in sharing his perspectives on Twitter, despite facing substantial backlash for his statements.

Prakash Raj Responds to Tweet Backlash

Following a wave of criticism from online users regarding his post about Chandrayaan-3, renowned actor Prakash Raj has chosen to address the matter on Twitter, thereby breaking his silence. In response to the backlash, he offered a robust retort to the trolls while elucidating that his intention was to share a humorous anecdote. This clarification from the actor has triggered a diverse range of responses from the online community, demonstrating a mixture of opinions regarding his explanation.

Prakash Raj wrote, “Hate sees only Hate… I was referring to a joke of #Armstrong times… celebrating our Kerala Chaiwala… which Chaiwala did the trolls see? If you don’t get a joke then the joke is on you .. GROW UP #justasking.”

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