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Top 8 Crazy Facts About The Show Vikings

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Content has become more easily available in 2023, than ever before. The advent of OTT platforms has given a second life to many cult movies and shows. One of the most famous tv series to come out in recent times is the one based on the life of Viking hero Ragnar Lodbrok, The Vikings. The series captures the story of the king and his rise to power.


Here are a few interesting facts about the series which you might not have known about.


  • They Never Wore That!!

Viking Clothing - Authentic Viking Warrior Clothing for Sale

Credits – Viking Warrior


One of the highlights of the show is the costumes worn by the ensemble cast. However, historians have termed them as inaccurate. While the show has stylised the costumes worn by the warriors, it is stated that they should have worn more protective gear, than what they originally do in the show.


  • Usage of obsolete languages


The European languages used in the 11th century were very different from what they are today. The show uses four dead languages, to give a sense of reality to the viewers. The scripts of the languages used in the show were translated into Latin, Old Frankish, Anglo-Saxon, etc.


  • Progressive Enough

Vikings TV Show facts

Credits – MGM Television


The show is known for its progressive portrayal of women. However, many might think that this has been done to fit into contemporary requirements, but that is not the case. The portrayal in the show is accurate as the women during that period were known to be free, and they had all the rights, like those of marriage and divorce.


  • No To Faking!


The action scenes are the highlights of the show. Unlike many other shows, the action in this film is real and was carried out by well-trained actors, using real weapons.


  • Priority to the Secondary

NO SPOILERS] Every Vikings Character Ranked : r/vikingstv

Credits – Reddit


The Secondary actors were cast first in the film. As they were required to fight for longer than the primary characters, they had to undergo more training than the rest.


  • The Ancient Touch


Einar Selvik, the composer of the show, used a unique technique to curate the music of the show. The Norwegian composer used tagelharpa (A Scandinavian bowed instrument), bukkehorn (made from the horn of a goat), etc. to make the music.


  • Accidental Casting?

Vikings: Valhalla': Netflix Series Sets Cast – Deadline

Credits – Deadline


Did you know that Gustav Skarsgard and Clive Standen auditioned for the role of Rangar and Travis wanted to play Floki?


  • Ragnar and the London Women

Vikings TV Show facts

Travis Fimmel. Credits – Getty Images.


The actor who plays Ragnor was one of the most famous Calvin Klein models. He is known to have caused several accidents in London as his ads distracted the women driving the cars.


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