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The Story of Dr. Danasari Anasuya – A Former Naxalite MLA

Danasari Anasuya

Congress MLA Danasari Anasuya, a former Naxalite, was recently awarded the Doctorate in Philosophy in Political Science. She is popularly known as ‘Seethakka’, her thesis was on ‘Social Exclusion and Deprivation of Migrant Tribals of Erstwhile Andhra Pradesh State – A Case Study of Gotti Koya Tribes in Warangal And Khammam Districts.”

Seethakka has gone from becoming a high-ranking Naxalite to a lawyer and then becoming a legislator from the Mulugu Constituency in Telangana. She received her Ph.D. from Osmania University, on October 11.

Danasari Anasuya

Danasari Anasuya, MLA, Telangana

Who is Danasari Anasuya AKA Seethakka?

The former Naxaltite left the insurgent group in 1997. She was later trained in Law and eventually found her feet in politics. Anasuya joined the Congress Party and currently serves as an MLA from a reserved Scheduled Tribe seat in Telangana.

Seethakka has gained a good name in her constituency for all the work she has undertaken. From giving legal support to the tribal communities to providing sufficient supplies during the COVID times, her association with the public has helped her in becoming popular among the masses.

Danasari Anasuya

Danasari Anasuya (Seethakka) on Twitter: “Weather I am with Gun or With Gunmen, it’s for the sake of weaker sections, food,cloth,shelter is always I wanted for them”

“I particularly chose the Gotti Koyas because I have been working with them for over a decade. They’re displaced and unrecognised by the state government, do not access any government benefits, and barely have any life security. I plan to prepare a book with my research and present it to the state government and even the President, if possible,” said the Telangana MLA to The Print.

A Trump Card For The Congress

According to the report, Seethakka would be a “rare source of confidence” for the struggling Telangana Congress. For the Indian National Congress, Anasuya retaining her seat would be a huge motivator. Telangana will have the state assembly election in 2023.

Anasuya stated that she was drawn to the Naxalite ideology at a young age. Born to a tribal family in the region of Jaggannapet, a place with an overarching presence of Naxalism.

Danasari Anasuya

Seethakka with Congress Leader, Rahul Gandhi

The Naxal Rise

The tribal movement in the Andhra-Telangana region has been on a high since the 1960s. Several social, financial, and legal issues caused the rise of the anti-government sentiment in the region.

According to the report, Seethakka joined the Naxal groups while she was still in high school. As time passed by, Anasuya, who had spent her fair bit in jail, grew distant from the movement. She surrendered to the authorities under an amnesty program, and studied law to help the locals.


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