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‘The Line’: Saudi Arabia’s 200 Billion Euro Utopia! Here Is What You Need To Know

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The Gulf region is known for building extravagant structures.

Saudi Arabia has had its fair share of extraordinary structures.

Now the gulf state of Saudi Arabia has unveiled the design for an ambitious project called “The Line.”

It is touted as a one-building city in the desert which will stretch over 106 miles and ultimately house 9 million people.

It is part of the Neom project.

What is the plan for “The Line”?

This project is will be located in the northwest of the Gulf country, near the Red Sea, according to an announcement by the kingdom’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The Line is a proposed 200-meter wide (656 feet) building acting as a vertical city, designed to sit 500 meters (1,640 feet) above sea level. 

The Line

A few stills from the video showing the futuristic plan of the city. Credits:-Metro 50

It will span 34 square kilometres (13 square miles), according to the press release.

According to Saudi Officials, the project is ‘the city of the future: a car-free metropolis that will run on 100% renewable energy and offer its residents clean air in an ever more polluted world.

The Saudi Arabian press agency recently launched the Video for this project detailing the plan of this utopian city.

In the video, we can see a sleek, futuristic and surprisingly green utopia, with a rooftop garden and ‘equitable views’ from any point.

Officials also say that this plan will have a positive impact on the environment.

The price tag for the project is estimated to be 200 Billion Euros.

People’s reactions are on The Line.

The project from its announcement has created controversy.

According to many reports in the Wall Street Journal, this area of the desert belonged to local tribes, who have been forcibly relocated.

People are also pointing out the fact that last year, Neom employees were leaving in droves as the project became mired in delays and massive overspending.

People on Twitter are also debating about the practicality or Desierbility of such a project.

Some people on Twitter are describing the projects as ‘dystopian’, with one tweeting: ‘Neom will make for a nice post-apocalyptic ruin.’

 While some users have praised this project calling it “badass” and comparing to Sci-Fi concepts such as ‘Snowpiercer.’

Credits:- Metro 50 And CNN

Featured Image Credits:- Metro 50

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