Student Barred From Entering The College Over ‘Feminine’ Clothes

Although we are in the 21st century, the thought process of a few people is still lingering from the 15th century. In a shameful incident that occurred in an Indian college, a student was denied entry because he was dressed in ‘feminine’ clothing.

Pulkit Mishra, the affected student, took to Instagram to share his awful experience. According to an Instagram post (now deleted), he was on his way to his college lectures when the college guards allegedly refused him to enter the premises. Mr Mishra was wearing a top and an off-the-shoulder shrug. The guards not only questioned his clothing choices but also emphasized that he is a boy, therefore, he is not allowed to wear such clothes.

Since the college guards did not let Mr Mishra enter the college premises in his attire, he had to miss a lecture. He later called his friend to bring him a shirt to change. Furthermore, he was instructed to button it up to hide the top that he was wearing.

Mr Mishra further stated in his post that students should not be judged for their choices or the way they dress. Moreover, he said in his post that anyone could wear anything and that there is no gender in clothes.

Soon Mr Mishra’s post became viral and he received support from various corners of the internet. Netizens condemned the act by the college guards and wrote supportive comments.


References: News18

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