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Siddaramaiah’s Full 5-Year Tenure As Karnataka CM: What You Need To Know


Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar has firmly refuted speculations of discontent within the Congress party regarding a potential change in the Chief Minister position after 2.5 years. During his statement, he also criticized the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), asserting that they struggle to select their leaders.

Will complete full term as Karnataka CM: Siddaramaiah | Bengaluru -

Source: Hindustan Times

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The recent remarks from Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar come in response to a swirl of rumors and discussions within the Congress party regarding a possible change in the Chief Minister’s role after 2.5 years of the current government’s tenure. These rumors were fueled by the state’s Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah, who, on Thursday, emphasized his intention to remain in office for a full five-year term.

Addressing the media, Shivakumar questioned the existence of discontent within the Congress party, highlighting that it is the BJP that faces internal challenges when it comes to leadership choices. In his words, “Where is the discontent in our party? There is discontent in the BJP, and because of that, they cannot choose their leaders.”

Siddaramaiah, the Chief Minister of Karnataka, reaffirmed his commitment to serving a full five-year term, dispelling any uncertainty regarding a change in leadership. He expressed his frustration at the repeated confusing statements emerging from within the party about potential leadership changes, stating, “Who has made the confusing statement? If someone useless speaks, why do you give importance to it.” He further declared, “For five years our government will be there…I’m the chief minister, I will continue,” as reported by PTI.

Press Trust of India: Will continue as chief minister for five years:  Siddaramaiah dismisses reports of CM change after 2.5 years

Source: PTI

Addressing speculations about appointing three additional deputy chief ministers, Siddaramaiah emphasized that such decisions are ultimately made by the party’s high command. He stressed that the Congress is not merely a regional party but a national one, and no significant decisions can be made without consulting the high command. He stated, “Congress is not a regional party, it’s a national party. Nothing can be decided without discussing it with the high command. Neither I as the chief minister nor MLAs can change the government. We have the high command; they will decide.”

Ever since the current government assumed power, there have been ongoing debates and counterarguments within the Congress party regarding the possibility of changing the Chief Minister. Some have suggested that Siddaramaiah may need to step aside to make way for Deputy Chief Minister and state Congress President D K Shivakumar after 2.5 years of the government’s term.

It’s worth noting that Siddaramaiah took office as Chief Minister on May 20 this year following a resounding victory for the Congress, which led to the ousting of the BJP from power. The selection of the Chief Minister was not without its challenges, as there was stiff competition between Siddaramaiah and Shivakumar for the role after the assembly election results were announced in May.

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