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Shraddha Murder Case: Netizens Call Out Love Jihad In This Heinous Crime

Shraddha murder case
Source- Free Press Journal

Victim of a gruesome crime 27-year-old Shraddha Walkar, who had been in a live-in relationship with Aaftab Amin Poonawala for about 2 years was killed by his live-in partner and later he chopped her body into 35 pieces.


Shraddha murder case

Source- Maharashtra Times


According to sources, an argument had taken place between the accused Aftab and Shraddha on May 18. During the quarrel, Shraddha was shouting, therefore, in order to silence her and make sure their neighbors don’t listen, Aftab pressed Shraddha’s face due to which she choked to death. To hide the crime he committed, Aftab chopped off her body into 35 pieces using a saw and continued disposing of them for 18 days in different parts across the city.

The deceased worked at a call centre in Mumbai and met Aftab there. They then started dating and moved in together. However, her family did not approve of their relationship following which the couple eloped to Delhi and lived in the Mehrauli area.

According to reports, every day, Aftab slept in the same room where he had kept the chopped body after killing Shraddha. He used to look at her face after keeping it in the fridge. After disposing of the corpse parts, Aftab cleaned the fridge.


Shraddha Walkar

Source- One India



The most incredible aspect of this grisly affair is that the murder did not see light for almost six months. The accused went around scot-free, till the victim’s father lodged a missing persons report and the cops came knocking on his door.

After the news started surfacing on social media platforms netizens termed this incident as love jihad.  One user said, “Barbaric! Shraddha eloped with boyfriend Aftab Amin..He CHOPPED her into 35 pieces, stored in a Fridge, disposed of 2/3 body parts at a time all over Delhi. Wake up Girls#LoveJihad is a one way ticket to death .”

Another user said, “Shraddha Madan, a Hindu girl considered herself liberal Hindu. When her family resisted against her relationship with Muslim boyfriend Aftab Amin, she eloped with him. Now police discovered her body chopped into thirty pieces. Another sad END of ek choti si #LoveJihad Kahani.

Another infuriated netizen said, “#LoveJihad is real , the sad part is our police , judiciary, politics and media are against our daughters. Everyday in every city of India, our daughters are being killed due to Love Jihad.”

“#LoveJihad is real & thriving. Story of Aftab & Shraddha is not the first and will not be the last,” wrote one user.

A case has been registered against the accused under relevant sections of IPC including murder, and the police are investigating the matter further.

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