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Raimati Ghiuria: The Millet Queen Bringing Global Recognition

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In Odisha’s Koraput village resides Raimati Ghiuria, affectionately known as the “Queen of Millets.” Beyond the rustic simplicity of her surroundings, Raimati’s achievements echo globally, transcending the boundaries of her small village. 

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The International Year of Millets serves as a backdrop to the G20 Summit’s exceptional guest, Raimati Ghiuria. Against the backdrop of a shifting dietary landscape favoring rice and wheat, tribal farmers are rallying to rejuvenate interest in indigenous grains. Raimati’s pivotal role in this movement became evident when she participated in a G20 Summit session on September 9, 2023. Her title as the “Queen of Millet” was bestowed not only by her village but resonated across the summit, capturing the attention of global leaders.

They Call Me 'Queen of Millets': Tribal Woman Preserves 30 Rare Indian  Millets

Source: The Better India

Raimati, having preserved an astounding 72 traditional paddy varieties and 30 rare millets, including Kundra Bati, Mandia, Jasra, Juana, and Jamkoli. The Odisha government has taken notice, with one of her millet varieties poised for official release. Remarkably, Raimati, with only a class 7 education, attributes her knowledge to practical experience in the field.

Raimati, Subasa – tribal women from Odisha to share insights on millets at  G20 | Latest News India -

Source: Hindustan Times

Inspired by Kamala Pujari, a Padma Shri awardee, Raimati embarked on her mission to conserve and promote millets. Collaborating with the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation, she adopted modern techniques like the System of Rice Intensification and Seed Multiplication Index. Raimati’s efforts extend beyond personal gain, as she empowers 2,500 fellow farmers to embrace millet farming techniques, fostering economic growth in rural areas.

Known as the ‘Millet Queen’ of Odisha, Raimati emphasizes the significance of millets in daily meals. These grains, especially finger millet (mandia), form staples like chapatis, dosas, and porridge. Raimati attests that while rice can be foregone for a day, millets remain an indispensable energy source, sustaining her through rigorous fieldwork.

They Call Me 'Queen of Millets': Tribal Woman Preserves 30 Rare Indian  Millets

Source: The Better India


Sharing her insights at the G20 Summit, Raimati unveiled the culinary wonders hidden within millets. Beyond cultivation, she leads a self-help group crafting value-added products such as pakoras and laddus, contributing to local markets and tiffin centers. Additionally, Raimati’s influence extends to education, as she played a pivotal role in establishing a farm school in her village, imparting scientific millet farming practices.

Bestowed with the title ‘Millet Queen’ at the state level, she received accolades such as the Best Farmer Award from ICAR – IISWC, Sunabeda, in 2016, and the Best Farmer Award at the Traditional Food Festival by TATA Steel, Nuamundi, in 2018. These honors, coupled with global recognition, serve as both personal and communal motivation for Raimati, spurring her to conserve more millet varieties and bring pride to her state.

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