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Poonam Pandey Faked Her Death To Create Awareness About Cervical Cancer

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The entertainment industry was struck with grief on Friday when the news of model Poonam Pandey passing away emerged. The 32-year-old, who gained fame through her appearances on reality shows like ‘Lock Upp,’ succumbed to cervical cancer, according to her team. But only a day later she confirms that she faked her death to create awareness about Cervical Cancer. 


Over a million followers on Instagram, who had been in shock over the news of her passing, now appear divided. Some express agitation, labeling it a public stunt, while others commend her initiative in raising awareness about Cervical Cancer.

I faked my demise': Poonam Pandey is ALIVE, says she did it for cervical  cancer awareness -

Source: The Week

Poonam Pandey was known for her bold shoots, provocative videos, and a series of headline-making controversies. Here are 5 Headlines made by Poonam Pandey

Rise to Fame and Stripping Controversies:

In 2011, Poonam Pandey catapulted into the limelight by promising to strip if the Indian cricket team won the World Cup. However, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) intervened, preventing her from carrying out the act. This audacious move marked the beginning of Poonam Pandey’s knack for making headlines. The following year, she repeated a similar promise during the Indian Premier League (IPL), and after the Kolkata Knight Riders emerged victorious, she posted a nude photo on social media, once again stirring controversy.

When Poonam Pandey broke internet with World Cup stripping vow for MS Dhoni  team | Latest News India -

Source: Hindustan Times

Lockdown Violation and Arrest:

The COVID-19 lockdown period brought trouble for Poonam Pandey when she and her husband, Sam Bombay, violated regulations by going for a walk. This action led to their arrest by the Mumbai Police, drawing heavy criticism for their perceived irresponsible behavior amid the pandemic. The incident highlighted the challenges faced by celebrities in maintaining a responsible public image during unprecedented times.

Google Bans Poonam Pandey’s App:

In 2017, Poonam Pandey ventured into the digital space by launching the Pandey App, featuring explicit content. However, Google swiftly banned the app from the Play Store within an hour, citing a violation of content guidelines. This move ignited debates on freedom of expression in the digital realm, shedding light on the complexities surrounding explicit content and its acceptance on widely used platforms.

Poonam Pandey App banned by Google Play for adult content? Hot starlet asks  fans to download app on her website |


Domestic Violence Allegations:

Adding to the string of controversies, Poonam Pandey filed a domestic violence complaint against her husband in 2021, leading to his arrest. During her stint on the reality show ‘Lock Upp,’ she bravely disclosed the alleged domestic violence she endured in her marriage. This revelation prompted discussions about the challenges faced by individuals, even those in the public eye, when it comes to addressing sensitive issues such as domestic violence.

Lock Upp: Poonam Pandey claims she suffered domestic abuse for four years  from estranged husband Sam Bombay; applied makeup to cover bruises -

Source: Times of India

Brave Battle Against Cervical Cancer:

Amidst the controversies and headline-making moments, Poonam Pandey faced her most challenging battle in private – a fight against cervical cancer. Her team revealed that she succumbed to the illness after putting up a brave fight. This disclosure sheds light on the often-unseen struggles that individuals, irrespective of their public personas, endure in their personal lives. It serves as a reminder of the importance of compassion and understanding, even when opinions may differ.

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