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Passenger Trapped In Flight Lavatory For The Entire Flight Journey | SpiceJet Promises Full Refund

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On Tuesday, a SpiceJet flight traveling from Mumbai to Bengaluru faced an unsettling incident when a male passenger became trapped inside the lavatory for almost an hour due to a malfunctioning door. 

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The unfortunate incident transpired during the SpiceJet flight SG-268, which departed from Mumbai at 2 am. The male passenger, seeking to use the lavatory shortly after the seatbelt signs were turned off, encountered a malfunction in the door lock. As a consequence, he got trapped inside the lavatory mid-air. 

After which the SpiceJet cabin crew immediately got into action to assist the passenger. Despite their best efforts, the malfunctioning lavatory door resisted attempts to open it. In a bid to comfort the trapped passenger, one of the air hostesses discreetly passed a note that assured him of the ongoing efforts and advised him to secure himself by closing the commode lid.

A passenger travelling onboard SpiceJet Boeing 737 got trapped inside the  lavatory. Incident happened onboard SpiceJet flight SG268 from Mumbai to  Bengaluru. As the toilet door malfunctioned, he had to remain inside

Source: Reddit

As the SpiceJet flight touched down in Bengaluru, an engineer was promptly dispatched to address the malfunctioning lavatory door. With expertise and precision, the engineer successfully opened the door, bringing relief to the trapped passenger. 

Following the situation, medical professionals swiftly attended to the trapped passenger to assess his well-being. SpiceJet’s commitment to passenger safety was evident as the airline ensured that appropriate medical support was readily available upon landing.

Spicejet promises full refund to passenger stuck in Mumbai-Bengaluru flight  bathroom |

Source: Mint

In an official statement, a SpiceJet spokesperson acknowledged the incident and provided insights into the airline’s response. The spokesperson stated, “On 16 January, a passenger unfortunately got stuck inside the lavatory for about an hour on SpiceJet flight operating from Mumbai to Bengaluru, while the aircraft was airborne due to a malfunction in the door lock. Throughout the journey, our crew provided assistance and guidance to the passenger. Upon arrival, an engineer opened the lavatory door, and the passenger received immediate medical support.”

The Spicejet spokesperson also said, “The passenger who got stuck inside the lavatory for about an hour on SpiceJet flight operating from Mumbai to Bengaluru is being provided a full refund”.


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