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Over 40% of Adults associated with more than three risk factors for NCD: Survey


Andrea Dsouza | January 26, 2021

With the lockdown restrictions in place and even before the pandemic arrived, the health index wasn’t quite promising. With the appalling disparity in the health care system across many states, health risks such as high blood pressure, malnourishment are common. A new survey conducted on the age group 17 to 69 years now highlights that over 40% of adults are associated with more than three risk factors for non-communicable diseases.

Findings of the Survey

The survey conducted by the National Non-communicable Diseases Monitoring Survey states that the lifestyle led by the people has put them at higher risk of factors that contribute towards the developments of non-communicable diseases (NCD).

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The survey states that factors such as regular usage of tobacco, absence of a balanced diet that includes the adequate intake of vegetables and fruits, and one of the most key findings increased BMI indexes. 

Body Mass Index (BMI), which guides the ideal weight according to an individual’s heights is a key factor in knowing how welcoming you are to these risk factors. The normal/ ideal BMI is stated to be within the range of 18.5 to 24.9kg/m2. Anything above this range means the person is overweight. The fact that an individual is overweight is an open invitation to diseases and risk factors. They include high blood pressure, alteration of myocardial structure, etc.

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According to the US National Institute of Health, obesity is one of the leading causes of cardiovascular diseases and morbidity. This shouldn’t come as a shocker to many but according to the survey, the risk factor at urban areas such as smart and metro cities was recorded to be at 52.8 percent, whereas the rural areas showed a relatively low score of 34.2 percent. In short, rapid urbanization and a sedentary approach to life will eventually be a bane for you.

NCD: The Enemy 

Non-communicable diseases are alternately also referred to as chronic diseases. These diseases are a combination of many factors including, genetic, environmental, and physiological factors. NCDs affect the body in the form of cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, and pulmonary diseases.   

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), NCDs kill nearly 41 Million people every year. This literally accounts for 71% of the deaths globally. Annually, NCD also accounts for 15 million premature deaths in low to middle-income countries. 

Are you at risk of such diseases?


No matter the age group, NCDs spare none. You lead an unhealthy lifestyle, and there it is, NCD knocks at your door. So, in other words, no matter the country, no matter the age, anyone can succumb to NCDs. However, WHO claims that the silver generation is at a higher risk of NCDs. Similarly, research also states that in the age group between 30 to 69 years, nearly 85% percent of deaths are attributed to NCD. 

Coming to the question, Are you at risk… Well, the key to dodging these diseases is quite easy. However, easier said than done. People who indulge in regular alcohol consumption, followed by consumption of tobacco are extremely vulnerable to NCDs. Additionally, lifestyle habits drive these diseases as well. Children and adults who fail to follow a healthy diet and don’t engage in physical activities and exercises are also at risk. Eventually, soon you may find your body succumbing to metabolic risks such as increased blood sugar (hyperglycemia), elevated blood lipids (hyperlipidemia), high blood pressure, and of course, obesity. In conclusion, 19 percent of deaths globally are due to these metabolic factors. 

How can one prevent and control NCDs

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The only way an individual can prevent NCDs is by focusing on leading a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy regularly, regular walks, or involvement in physical activities can help your body overcome these barriers: the biggest one being obesity. Later on, as your body matures, monitoring your vitals by regular blood tests, blood pressure monitoring, etc can help you assess your risk margins. However, although every individual has a right to lead a healthy life not many have the opportunity to. In such circumstances, a country needs to have an effective grip on the reach of healthcare services regardless of the income of a person. 


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