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Outrageous Rental Prices Of Micro-Apartments In Bengaluru

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Skyrocketing rent prices in cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru have long been a cause for concern. Each day, it seems the real estate market sets new records for outrageous pricing, pushing the boundaries of affordability.

Bengaluru's 1 RK Flat Listing Goes Viral For Offering Nothing More Than a ' Bed' For Rs 12,000 - News18

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Recently, a Reddit user, u/saiya, shared a property listing that took the absurdity to a whole new level. The listing featured a minuscule 1RK apartment in Mahadevapura, a Bengaluru suburb, offering a glimpse into the harsh reality of housing in these metropolitan areas. Priced at Rs 12,000 per month, with a deposit of Rs 50,000, this apartment had a ‘bedroom’ so cramped that it could barely fit a single mattress. It’s these extreme living conditions that have sparked outrage and left many questioning the fairness of such rental rates.

The image posted by u/saiya reveals the shocking reality of renting in these cities. The 1RK apartment was not just compact; it was minuscule, with a single small window providing the only source of natural light. While the rent of Rs 12,000 a month and a hefty Rs 50,000 deposit may not seem unusual for these cities, the space offered was far from justifiable. One look at the picture of the ‘bedroom’ was enough to understand the cause of the outrage.


Reddit users did not hold back in their criticism. One user bluntly commented, “This is a toilet converted into a bedroom,” highlighting the dire conditions that many renters face. Another user added a touch of humor, saying, “On the bright side, you won’t fall off the bed even if you tried.” Such responses reflect the frustration and despair of individuals dealing with the exorbitant rental market.

This isn’t the first instance of such absurd rentals coming to light. In August, a similar post from Delhi went viral on Reddit, showcasing a room that defied conventional expectations. The photo depicted a room furnished with a bed, an air conditioner, a pedestal fan, and curtains. What sets it apart is the fact that it also featured a shower cubicle and a commode right next to the bed, with no partition to separate the ‘bedroom’ area from the bathroom and toilet facilities. This room was purportedly available for rent in the prestigious Greater Kailash 2 neighborhood of Delhi.

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The trend of converting cramped spaces into living quarters and charging exorbitant rents is not limited to just one city. It’s a phenomenon that extends its roots across various urban areas in India. The demand for housing in these cities continues to outstrip the available supply, driving prices to astronomical levels. This situation leaves many with no choice but to accept these cramped accommodations at sky-high prices.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the dynamics of the real estate market. With remote work becoming more common, people have begun to explore options in less expensive and more spacious locations. This shift in priorities has prompted some reevaluation of the asking rents in big cities, but the impact is still limited.In addition to the exorbitant rent, tenants often have to deal with unreasonable demands and hidden charges imposed by landlords, such as high maintenance fees and deposits. The overall cost of renting an apartment in cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru can be a substantial burden, leaving many struggling to make ends meet.


While these micro-apartments may appear to be a cost-effective solution for some, the reality of living in such cramped conditions can take a severe toll on mental and physical well-being. The lack of space and privacy, coupled with the stress of high rents, can lead to a diminished quality of life.The authorities need to take a more proactive role in addressing the issue of unfair and unreasonable rent prices. Stricter regulations and oversight could help ensure that tenants are not subjected to exploitative conditions. Additionally, the development of affordable housing projects can alleviate the housing crisis and provide reasonable alternatives for those looking to rent.

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