“Next I Will Buy Coca Cola to Put the Cocaine Back In”: Twitter Reacts to Newfound Owner Elon Musk’s Statement

After buying up one of the world’s most prominent social media platforms-Twitter for $44 billion in a bizarre aggressive takeover on Monday, billionaire Tesla founder Elon Musk has announced a new target: Coca Cola in yet another eccentric tweet.

Soon after that, Musk posted a screenshot of a previous tweet where he said, “Now I’m going to buy McDonald’s and fix all the ice cream machines,” and jokingly responded to himself with “Listen, I can’t do miracles ok”.
Known for his strange statements, Musk’s reputation on Twitter dates long before he bought Twitter. Musk has, in the past, polled Twitter users, asking if he should sell 10% of his Tesla shares to pay for unrealized capital gains. However, he sold off nearly $7 billion in Tesla shares when over 57% of poll participants voted in favor of his suggestion.

In the weeks leading up to his Twitter takeover, Musk was only set to join the board and nothing else. At that time the Tesla founder tweeted a series of ideas that he believed could enhance the platform, with some appearing serious – like the possibility of introducing an edit button; while others seemed extremely bizarre, such as turning Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters into a homeless shelter.

His most recent Coca Cola tweet presumably playing with Twitterati, is symbolic of the veteran beverage company’s colorful history with cocaine. Coca Cola’s trademark soft drink is named for its two primary ingredients: coca leaves and kola nuts. While kola nuts are a source of caffeine, coca leaves are the source of extracting the psychoactive and infamous drug cocaine.

Cocaine-laden coca leaves used to be an integral ingredient in the carbonated soft drink’s formula, back in the nineteenth century when the substance was still assumed to be medicinal. However, as the drug became stigmatized and was subsequently made illegal in the US, cocaine was removed from Coca Cola’s secret formula and instead replaced with decocainized coca leaves.

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